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Why We Oppose Same-Sex Marriage - 01/12/2009
History has shown the wisdom of rejecting same-sex marriage, and the sociological arguments for traditional marriage are at least as compelling as the religious ones.

Abortion, Its Politics, And Why It Matters - 11/04/2008
Abortion has probably been the single most divisive topic in American politics since before the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. It’s important to our nation, both politically and socially, that people understand what abortion is and what the Bible has to say about the unborn.

Scapegoating Christianity - 06/18/2005
The last election is said to have been affected by a block of voters who believe the moral values held by our founding fathers are worth holding on to. The so-called “values voters” are now seen by the secular left as the main force preventing them from returning to power. One logical response to this threat might be to recognize that the majority of Americans don’t feel the Democratic Party platform is compatible with their worldview and try to be a more inclusive party. This tactic, however, would be completely foreign to a political party that has consistently engaged in scare tactics, race baiting, and demonizing their opponents to win elections.

Born Again Christians Were a Significant Factor in President Bush Re-Election (Offsite Article) - 11/09/2004
Most of President Bush’s supporters did at least two things during the first week of November: they voted to re-elect the President and they went to church. The acclaimed “values voters” turned out in huge numbers on Election Day to support the incumbent and thereby prevent a replay of the 2000 cliffhanger outcome. Had it not been for the unusually high turnout among voters driven by religious convictions, the results might have been different, according to a new nationwide survey by The Barna Group.

Faith, Politics, and de Tocquevilles American Prophecy - 10/25/2004
The founders of America were lovers of God and liberty. The influence of religious faith, particularly Christian faith, cannot be overstated as it pertains to our founding fathers and the system of government they set in motion. If we are to maintain the blessings of God on our nation, we must develop a biblical worldview and apply it when we elect our national leaders.

The UN Plan to Control the Internet - 01/11/2004
The Internet was born out of a U.S. military project to ensure reliable communications in the event of nuclear war, and it has been nurtured in the public domain for over a decade without any guiding political hand. So why now does the UN want to put it under the control of a global body and subject it to international law and guidelines? Because free speech and expression by all is a serious threat to their goals. How can the globalists silence Christians, conservatives, and people who don’t like them, as they’ve done in schools and the media, if they don’t have control? They can’t.

SIECUS Is Morally Molesting Your Children! - 09/28/2003
If you have a child attending public school, he or she may be studying sex education curriculum developed by an organization known as SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States). SIECUS curriculum promotes to children the ideas that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality, abortion, and pornography are good, and it undermines any attempts of Bible-believing parents to instill their values in their children.

What the Federal Judicial Crisis Means to Christians - 09/14/2003
Our society is in on a slippery slope of moral depravity, and is picking up speed exponentially as it plummets downward. Once founded upon Christian morals, we have traded decency for decadence. The enemy of morality and righteousness is finding a new ally in their campaign - the federal judiciary.

The Myth of Jefferson's Separation of Church and State - 03/05/2003
The ACLU, American Athiests, and other similar groups view Thomas Jefferson as an icon of their cause. After all, Jefferson popularized the phrase separation of church and state. There is a another side to Jefferson though. One that the advocates of a godless society dont want you to see. This article sheds light on what Jeffersons true intentions were.

Striving For John Adams Utopia - 10/18/2002
Rampant immorality is shaking our Christian heritage, and our culture is slipping into a chaotic, frenzied godlessness. We Christians are not powerless to stop – or at least slow, this decline. We have two powerful tools at our disposal – prayer, and the ballot box.

The Human Integration Agenda at the World Summit on Sustainable Development - 09/03/2002
Overpopulation, global warming, over-consumption of resources, and the tragic inequality between North and South. These are the messages coming out of the World Summit on Sustainable Development being held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Defining Religious Tolerance In The New World Order - 09/03/2002
Two events have occurred recently that will have a profound impact on evangelical Christianity. The United Religions Initiative (URI) recently wrapped up their 2002 General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the World Summit for Sustainable Development is drawing to a close in Johannesburg, South Africa. Out of these two events, a New World Order is being formed – one in which evangelism could become a crime.

ARK OF HOPE: The Ark of the New Age Covenant - 07/20/2002
Thousands of years ago, the Ark of the Covenant was built to house the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God. Standing in stark and sacrilegious contrast is the Ark of Hope – a modern day vessel designed to carry the Earth Charter and other items with occult significance.

While, to some, fighting "extremism" might sound like a good idea, this is exactly the kind of international agenda that may some day be used to fight evangelical Christians. If the U.N. is responsible for defining what religious extremism is, their openly proclaimed dislike for "intolerant" Christians would seem to lump us in with those who need to be silenced under this Charter.

Saudi Broadcasts Promote Anti-Semitism, Martyrdom - 06/14/2002
A television station backed by a Saudi prince has sparked outrage by broadcasting clips that show young children being taught to hate Jews — referring to them as "apes and pigs" — and embrace martyrdom.

The Moral and Spiritual Dangers of Pornography (offsite article) - 06/12/2002
A damaging and destructive vice that has been around since ancient times is now permeating the most advanced technological communication method of our day - the Internet.

The Battle For Your Childs Mind - 05/19/2002
There is a battle for the minds of Americas youth. The battlefield: the public school system. The adversary: the New Age and humanist organizations that see a childs mind as fertile soil for their brand of spiritual perversion. The catch: you, as your childs defender, are kept from entering the battlefield.

Jesus Censored in WA State House - Christian Coalition of WA - 04/28/2002
Outside Link (Christian Coalition of Washington)

Dont Stifle the Free Speech of Houses of Worship - 03/20/2002
For the past 48 years, the Internal Revenue Service has been a poorly qualified and often discriminatory watchdog of Americas houses of worship - selectively enforcing a law that censors the First Amendment free speech rights of religious institutions.

Mormon Leader Ordered Masacre of Settlers  - 02/27/2002
A CONFESSION etched on a newly discovered lead sheet has shaken the Mormon Church by linking its revered leader, Brigham Young, with one of the worst massacres in American history.

Part of the Islamic agenda: Preparing Students to Bring Islam into American Government (OUTSIDE LINK - 02/26/2002
The Muslim Student Network in America is working hard to train muslims for leadership and politics with the agenda of bringing Islamic law into U.S. law.