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A Beginning of Global Governance - #1 in a series
Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times
The Earth Charter's Spiritual Agenda - #2 in a Series
The New Age Influence at the United Nations - #3 in a Series
Jesus is the Messiah Prophesied in the Old Testament
Like a Thief in the Night - The Rapture of the Church
The Coming War of Gog and Magog, an Islamic Invasion?
Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Prophecy Comparison
The Millennial Kingdom
There will be False Christs
Is the E.U. the Revived Roman Empire?
Should We Study End-Time Prophecy?
Apostasy and the Laodicean Dilemma
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NOTE:  There are various divergent views of end-times prophecy (eschatology).  Many of these views can find some support in Scripture.  Throughout these articles, you will see that we will espouse certain views that we feel have the most biblical support.  However, we make no presumption of inerrancy.  When will the Jesus Christ rapture His church?  We simply don't know.  We encourage you to take the following approach: be prepared to persevere through trial and tribulation, tarrying until the Lord's appointed hour, but be ready to meet the Lord should His appointed hour come tomorrow.

Our Blessed Hope - A Scriptural Look at What Comes After the Tribulation - 12/19/2004
We have several articles on the site that cover the tribulation period, but we’ve received quite a few e-mails asking questions about the events that take place after the tribulation and in eternity. The purpose of this article is to lay out for you the events that will take place following the tribulation, and to explain the millennial kingdom and God’s plan for a prophesied heaven on earth to follow the millennial kingdom. Many wonderful things will happen before Christ’s glorious appearing and during His reign on Earth.

Is the Temple Location Really South of the Dome of the Rock? - 11/24/2003
There are various theories as to the location of the Temple and the Holy of Holies, three of which are more common and have many very convincing evidences to support them. The most popular and widely known theory is that the temple was located under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There are, however, two other well-supported theories that put the Temple either north of the Dome of the Rock or just south of the Dome of the Rock. The third theory, placing the location of the temple south of the Dome of the Rock, is less well known than the other two, and for this reason will be the focus of this article.

There will be False Christs - 10/23/2003
Jesus is The Way, the Truth and Life. There never has been and never will be any other Christ, Teacher, Lord, Savior, or form of Consciousness whereby our eternal souls might be saved. However, just as the Bible prophesied, there have been, and will be an ever increasing number of powerful and alluring false christs as we draw closer to the appearance of the ultimate false Christ, the Antichrist. More deceiving spirits will arrive on the scene as we near the rapture of the Church, and the 7 year tribulation that will precede the return of Jesus to set up his millennial kingdom.

Is the E.U. the Revived Roman Empire? - 09/14/2003
Daniel chapters 2 and 7 reveal a strong connection between the formation of the European Union and end-times scripture. The possible fulfillment of this scripture began in 1950 when the Roman Empire began to show signs of being revived.

The Bahai Influence at the United Nations - 05/07/2003
The Baha’i faith now numbers some five million souls and the Encyclopedia Britannica lists Baha’i as the second-most widely spread independent religion in the world, after Christianity. With Haifa, Israel as the site of its international headquarters, its strong presence in the United Nations, and within other international groups, Baha’i is in a position to play a prominent role in the fulfillment of end times prophecy.

Apostasy and the Laodicean Dilemma - 11/25/2002
Imagine sitting in church on a bright, sunny Sunday morning. The invocation was nice, the singing was particularly uplifting, and you managed to stick an extra couple of dollars into the collection plate. Your pastor steps to the pulpit, arranges his notes carefully, and takes a sip of water. He smiles warmly at the congregation, holds up his Bible, and announces, “Before we begin, I should let you know that I’ve found the Bible to be far too depressing and outdated. We shall no longer be using it in our services!”

Muslim, Jewish, and Christian End-Times Prophecy Comparison - 10/31/2002
All three major monotheistic religions have teachings regarding the end-times. The following chart reveals some of the similarities and differences in the eschatological prophecies of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

The Coming War of Gog and Magog, an Islamic Invasion - 10/28/2002
Ezekiel 38 through 39 tells of a future invasion of Israel by a vast coalition of nations that surround it. As we read the headlines in the newspapers of today, and witness the conflict in the Middle East, its not hard to imagine that this invasion prophesied over 2600 years ago, could be fulfilled in our lifetime. Ezekiel 36-37 predicts a gathering of the Jews to the nation of Israel, which will be followed by this massive invasion. For 19 centuries the Jewish people were scattered throughout the world, and until May 14, 1948 there was no nation of Israel to invade. With the nation of Israel now a reality, the stage seems set for the war that will usher in the tribulation and the rise of the Antichrist; a war that will end with the destruction of Israels enemies by God Himself, and lead to the signing of a peace treaty with the Antichrist.

Like a Thief in the Night - The Rapture of the Church - 08/11/2002
The phrase rapture (in Greek harpazo, in Latin rapere) means to be caught up or taken away suddenly. The rapture refers to the sudden removal of all of Gods people on the earth. In the twinkling of an eye, born again Christians will suddenly be transformed out of our human bodies and will rise up into the air to join Jesus Christ.

The URI: The New World Religion of Bishop Swing - 08/05/2002
You’re familiar with the old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Thanks to the Bishop of the California Diocese of the Episcopal Church, that road is not only paved, but it’s being widened, the lines are painted, and the global religion of the Antichrist is just around the bend.

Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times - 07/28/2002
The Bible gives many examples of signs that should warn us of the coming end of the age. Six such signs are given by Jesus, two characteristics are given by Paul, and eleven other occurrences are given by the prophets to occur prior to or soon after the end of the age. While we are also told we will not know the time of the End, God obviously wanted us to know when that time was getting closer.

Jesus is the Messiah - 07/20/2002
The Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament were fulfilled through Jesus Christ our Savior and Many more will be fulfilled when he reigns again in the Millennial Kingdom.

Should We Study End-Time Prophecy? - 06/03/2002
The usual argument I hear against the study of end-time prophecy is that no one will know when the Lord will return for the saints, and we shouldnt try to predict when that will occur. I can’t say I disagree with that. As we shall see, thats a Biblically sounds viewpoint. However I would counter that familiarizing yourself with end-times prophecy, and keeping an eye on current world events from that perspective, is not the same as trying to predict the return of Christ.

The New Age Influence at the United Nations - 3rd in a Series - 05/05/2002
In recent years, we have seen an alarming rise of ecumenism and moral relativity in the western world. In an age where evangelical Christianity – and for that matter, Judaism – is seen as too “intolerant” or “divisive” for a civilized world, interfaith movements, the New Age Movement, and Unitarian Universalism are gaining in popularity. Nowhere is that more evident than within the United Nations.

The Earth Charters Spiritual Agenda - 2nd in a Series - 04/21/2002
We know through Biblical prophecy that the end times will see a system of global governance and one world religion. We know that this framework will be used by the Antichrist to deceive many. You may not realize, however, how close we are to these events coming to fruition. This second article in our series on the United Nations, will explore the Earth Charter and the chilling groundwork it lays for just such events.

A Beginning of Global Governance - #1 in a series - 04/12/2002
A new International Criminal Court was recently established at the United Nations Headquarters without ratification from the United States. Deemed by many in the U.S. to be a threat to national sovereignty, the Bush administration has strenuously objected to the ICC and has reportedly sought means to "unsign" the treaty.

Here Comes the One World Order - 03/10/2002
The worlds first permanent international criminal tribunal will almost certainly be created by the end of the year, campaigners said Friday. U.S. citizens will be subject to the court even though President Bush and Republican leaders in the Senate have condemned it.


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