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Behind Temple Doors

  1. Throughout the United States and around the world are scattered the Temples of the Mormon Church.  Many people think they are no different than the Christian church buildings attended by Christians.  However, the ceremonies and rituals performed inside the Mormon temples do not resemble a Christian worship service in any way.  Inside temple worthy Mormons perform baptisms for the dead, perform marriages that they feel will seal the family for time and eternity, and stage plays that mock the Christian faith and celebrate Satan's victory in the garden of Eden.

    Mormons given a temple recommend must take an oath swearing by penalty of death not to reveal any part of what goes on inside of the Mormon temple.  However there are many books and tracts written by ex-Mormons and even ex-temple workers that detail the rituals, ceremonies and oaths that all good Mormons are required to perform.

    The Temple Recommend

    No one is admitted in a Mormon temple without a "Temple Recommend".  The only time a "gentile" or non-Mormon is allowed in the temple is during an open house before the temple is dedicated or during a temple renovation.  The recommend is a piece of paper verifying that the member is in good standing, i.e., paid a full tithe, is morally clean, doctrinally pure, and has kept the "Word of Wisdom".

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