Wicca and your claims - 01/18/2003

I am writing this email in response to, basically, your entire website. Overall, I do consider myself a Christian, but I have also looked into other religions and have a basic knowledge of what they stand for and some of their practices. When I came across your website, I would be lying if I said I was not disgusted. It's fine to say what you believe in, why you believe it, etc, but it is not fair to other religions when you state incorrect facts about them.

I read several of the entries in the "apologetics" sections, and while I didn't agree with some of what was said, I decided that it wasn't too much of a big deal; it was basically like other websites and I didn't feel it would do any good to respond. That is until I read the section about Wicca. The first thing posted on that section is "Warning: While it is important for Christians to understand the world of the occult, it is not our intention to stimulate anyone's curiosity to the point where interest becomes an unhealthy obsession. Humans have always had a certain fascination about evil, so it is prudent to take the advice of Paul when researching information on the occult." What reasoning do you have for posting this? Wicca is just another religion; it's not "evil." I have done research, and Wiccan's do not worship evil spirits or the Devil. In fact, they always point out that the Devil is part of Christianity. He is evil, but nonetheless he is part of Christianty. Wiccans, or witches, also believe in the 3-fold law, which you did point out, but then you made it seem as if as long as a witch justifies themself, then it doesn't matter how they behave. This also isn't true.

Also, I read the letter posted by the Mormon elder whose tone was harsh. Do you really blame him for acting this way? It's not fear that he reacted in such a way. It's just anger. Your website is, unfortunetly, very biased, and you present your information in a condescending way. If someone responds out of anger, it is probably not because of fear but because they were offended.

In conclusion, if you really want to steer people in what you think is the right direction, you should do so in a more friendly manner rather than attacking it by saying it's evil, or by patronizing peoples beliefs.

Thank you for your time.


Hi Melissa! Thanks for contacting Contender Ministries. We value everyone's right to their opinion, and are glad you've taken the time to state yours. We know that no humans are perfect, and we are not above accepting some criticism. However, we would like to ask some questions and comment on some of the things you said. Perhaps in the process, you'll also get a clearer idea of what we do.

First of all, I completely agree that it would be unfair to make incorrect statements about other religious beliefs. However, we endeaver to be as accurate as possible. I believe we've been successful in that regards, because while many take exception to the things we have written, no one has yet been able to specifically point out any falsehoods or inaccuracies on our website. Oh, we'll get the occasional email accusing us of being untruthful, but no one has yet been able to respond when we've asked specifically where we were wrong. Often, such arguments are based on emotions, and not on the actual accuracy of our material. So I present you with the same opportunity to tell us specifically what falsehoods you have found on our site. If we are presented with verifiable information that we have erred, we would gladly make corrections.

You took exception to some things we wrote regarding Wicca, and you also stated that the devil is "part of Christianity." Let me address the latter first. You seem to imply that the devil is a character conjurred by Christians as some mythical entity. If that is your position, that is incorrect. You say you consider yourself a Christian, so I'm sure you understand that there is absolute, immutable truth in the universe. These truths exist apart of any individuals belief or disbelief. To say that the sun exists is true. To say that gravity exists is true. We know that God exists, so that's true. Likewise, the devil also exists. Wiccans cannot make God nor Satan cease to exist by simply relegating them to the category of religious myth. Furthermore, Wiccan belief acknowledges the existance of various spirits, gods, and goddesses. If you truly know Wiccans, you know that this is true. Yet God has told us, "I am the first and the last; apart from me there is no god," (Isaiah 44:6). Since there are no other gods (or goddesses), then Wiccans pay homage to false gods. This is why Wicca is evil. Any religion or system of belief that does not acknowledge the one true God is a false religion, and inherently evil -- regardless of the good that may appear on the surface. Wiccans do not have to be openly or even knowingly worshipping Satan to be doing just that. Worshipping an earth goddess is worshipping a machination of Satan, and ultimately, Satan himself.

We do the best job we can to present the truth in love. Often times, this will cause anger, or even offend people. Is this our goal or our desire? Of course not. Yet Jesus Christ told us that He is the only way to the Father (John 14:6), He warned us of false prophets (Matthew 24:11,24), and He commanded us to spread His Word (Matthew 28:19-20). He commanded us to love our fellow man, but did not presume that we would offend no one in our mission to do His will. In fact, He knew we would (Matthew 10:11-23). We do what He has commanded us to do, and we do so with love for all the people that are being deceived by system of false religious beliefs. It is our desire that all may come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. If you feel we have been inaccurate in our profiles of false religions, please let us know. But please state specifically what we have said that is in error, and present evidence that we are wrong. We value accuracy and integrity. May God bless you in your search for The Truth.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries