Christians must wake up! - 11/10/2002

Dear contenders,

I appreciate tremendously your website. I am writing you concerning the culture of today. I am very much aware of how the new age beliefs are infiltrating society, government and even churches. I know that many powerful people in government are pushing toward a earth serving global society and i am very concerned that alot of christians are asleep at the wheel.

I have tried to raise an awareness of these issues to christian friends and my church. Unfortunately i feel it is a lonely call as i am not taken seriously. I am ridiculed or laughed at when i try to call it to their attention. I would have you know that these are bible believing born again christians. I get deeply saddened by their disinterest in the world around them. I have talked to my pastor about these issues and he does recognize them but he sees wicca and the new age as a fad and not a growing concern. I know how subtle the new age has crept in using christian terminology and a form of godliness to broaden their agendas. I have much evidence of whats going on to support myself but very few in the church are interested. Part of this is because alot of christians work with and associate mostly with other christians. I on the other hand work with many non christians who are involved in wicca or eastern ideas or just plainly the world system and are so blinded to the truth and i see how these new age beliefs are everywhere whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Also may i please ask for prayer as I am witnessing to person at work who is in a wiccan coven and since i dont feel i have much church support i desperately need prayer for myself and for God to work on the heart of him and my other coworkers who are mostly atheist and just worldly people. Yesterday i felt God really working thru my witness as God allowed some doors to open and i was able to present Jesus Christ to them as the only one who can give salvation and they were very attentive and very receptive. Today when i went to work I felt a very cold and oppressive response from them. It was one of my worst days of work there.

How can i approach this in a matter that would be credible in presenting this awareness to the church or church friends? I know much prayer is needed more than anything. I just feel so frustrated but feel God would want me to keep trying to reach them and wake them up. If christians dont recognize this and take a stand i am sure of the direction we are headed. Thanks for your website and any encouragement you may give.

God Bless you


Greetings Colette, and thanks for contacting us at Contender Ministries. Thanks also for you kind words of encouragement. Our hearts and prayers go out to you. The problems you are having sound so familiar, and we can identify with you. We've made no secret of the fact that we believe too many Christians are asleep. They are too content with the furnishings inside the church sanctuaries to take a risk in contending for the faith.

We thank God for people like you who are moved to speak out, and contend for your faith. You may feel like a lone voice at times, and I know that can be disheartening. Please realize you are doing God's will, and He will sustain you, even when you feel so alone. Many will try to trivialize and marginalize your words by snickering at you or calling you a conspiracy theorist. Even some Christians will. Do not lose sight of the reason you are speaking out. He is the reason. Shout it from the rooftops if you have to.

Jesus went through much of the same, I'm sure you remember. Many of the Jews were angered by Him. They spat at Him and His disciples -- but they were not deterred. Paul mentions this in Romans chapter 10. And consider Paul himself! How many towns was he run out of? How many attempts were made on his very life! Yet he persevered, because he recognized he could do no less and call himself a faithful servant of the Most High God.

Now it is our turn. We must fight the good fight. We cannot be afraid to speak out. If people wish to ignore us, we simply must speak up. :) If they ridicule us or marginalize us, we keep pressing on. You're absolutely right -- prayer is vital! Pray that the Holy Spirit would minister to those you are trying to reach. God hasn't asked you to change the world, but he has called you to do all you can do.

We're both excited to hear that you are sharing your faith with a witch. Study the Word every day for your protection and for the words you'll need with this person. Pray constantly for yourself and your co-workers. You are in our prayers as well. You are on the front lines in the army of God. Don't forget to put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). May God bless you richly as you faithfully and tirelessly contend for the faith!!

In Christ,

Ben and Jen Rast
Contender Ministries