How Can Sexuality Be Genetic? - 10/05/2008

To say I'm confused is an understatement. To say I'm baffled would be a gross underestimation. Recently I stated asking my friends questions about this sexuality being tied to genetics bit, and I'm not getting too many straight answers.

The whole idea seems to break down on basic and fundamental concepts of science and principles of basic reasoning. Unfortunately I don't have an in depth understanding of the idea, I have a mind after science and logic, but I just haven't really researched this topic much and even when I try I find little to no conclusive information. I don't want to straw-man the idea either, I want the truth, truth is the only thing with real meaning to it.

The following are the flaws I see, please correct any errors you can find in them and augment any points or present new points of information that are not listed:

1) If one's sexual orientation is based upon genetics alone it would stand to reason that the attraction would be uncontrollable, those attracted to the same sex wouldn't be able to have sex with the opposite sex and then turn around and make out with people of the same sex. If seuality isn't a choice like the claims are how would arousal be possible? It would have to be at best for the sake of this argument a combination of both genetics and mind.

2) How does bisexuality fit into all this? Is there also supposedly a bisexual gene? If so, where does it occur in the human genome? In fact where does the homosexual gene exist in the human genome? What makes it distinct from the gene that would alternate it as the heterosexual gene?

3) How does a scientist go about discerning the function of genes? Do they simply hunt for commonly occurring structures in DNA strands that people of a certain trait posses and thus conclude that that gene discerns the function of the trait?

If you can answer my questions I would be quite grateful to you! Thanks for your time!

In Christ,
God Chaser


Hi God Chaser.  You've raised some great questions that expose flaws in the reasoning that sexuality (particularly homosexuality) is genetic.  For years the main argument against such came from ScriptureHomosexuality is called a sin in God's Word, and God would not regard something as sinful that was not a choice.  In other words, He wouldn't genetically dispose someone to sin.  Every sin in the Bible is a choice. 

Building on that were arguments of reason and logic.  They start with the "round hole and square peg" analogy, and move on to examples like those you've mentioned.  Now, however, the human genome has been decoded.  If there were a "gay gene", scientists would have found it.  But alas, that has not happened.  Dr. Francis S. Collins, Head Of The Human Genome Project, has concluded that homosexuality is NOT hardwired.  Among many media outlets, NPR reported on a study that determined there is no gay gene.  This study was published in Science Magazine.  Even a noted homosexual activist has agreed with the conclusion that there's no genetic cause to homosexuality. 

As you noted, if homosexuality were hardwired, it would be next to impossible to go against that biological programming.  But people DO leave homosexuality if they want to, through the power of God.  Stephen Bennett is a former homosexual who has a wife, children, and a ministry to homosexuals.  Another organization that has helped many homosexuals use the power of God in their lives to leave homosexuality is Exodus International.  People who claim that they can't be anything BUT homosexual - that they don't have a choice - have not claimed the power of God to conquer the sin in their lives.

I hope this information and the links I've provided will help you understand and explain the truth about homosexuality.  God bless.

In Christ,

Ben Rast
Contender Ministries