On The Rapture Planet - 02/26/2003

On your web site you had an article which stated:

"Many Christians are afraid to talk about the rapture of the Church."

How do you come to this conclusion? For people who buy into this heresy, that is all they talk about!!! They are obsessed with it and neglect doctrines such as the Trinity, the Natures of Christ, etc. to talk about this modernist fantasy. What planet are these people afraid to talk about this nonsense? They devote 30-35% of their radio time talking about this, read fiction books about it (really it should all be in the fiction category), and dream about it. Ever since Darby first made it up there have been failed prediction after failed prediction, but rather than killing the false prophets they worship them!

Bible Answer Dude


Dear Bible Question Dude. Thanks for contacting Contender Ministries. We are sorry it has taken us so long to respond. I agree with you that the nature of Christ and the doctrine of the Trinity are of utmost importance, and some people probably do place too much focus on the rapture at the expense of other aspects of Christian belief. However, in our experience, many Christians ARE afraid to discuss the rapture.

I can be a little slow on the uptake at times, but I'm getting the impression that you're somewhat dubious when it comes to the rapture. Well, if you're solid on the fact that the only path to salvation is through Jesus Christ, then that's just fine - you'll be ready for the rapture. However, Darby did not invent the concept of the rapture -- he just put a term to it. The concept was initially described by a couple of the Old Testament prophets, reiterated by Jesus Christ Himself, and expounded on further by the Apostle Paul. It's all quite biblical. If you need help looking up the verses to support that, please let me know. We're only too happy to help a Bible student such as yourself become learned in The Word. Thanks again!

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries