Mirroring Christ - 12/08/2002

I was raised as a Christian and still am Christian. I have read Emmet Fox and Joel Goldsmith and I have been rewarded with a more rewarding Christian experience. I see no conflict in any of their teachings and the teachings of Jesus or any of the Bible for that matter. Your mission should mirror that of Christ and that is to point people to GOD the Father and all the joy, security and abundance of that. Your teaching is not THE way, that is spiritual pride reread the sermon on the mount and see what Jesus taught about that.


Greetings Mark, and thank you for contacting Contender Ministries. I'm happy to hear that you are a Christian, but a little confused by your term "raised as a Christian." I am a Christian because I made a conscious decision to accept Christ into my heart, not because I was raised in a church. Goldsmith's problem was that he twisted the message of Christ into something completely erroneous. He takes a divine view on the nature of man. The biblical view of the nature of man is that we are sinful, imperfect, and indeed worthless in and of ourselves, and our only power comes through a complete dependance on God.

I have read the Sermon on the Mount -- several times. Our ministry reflects the teachings of Jesus -- all of them, not just the Sermon on the Mount. You see, we don't believe it's intellectually or spiritually honest to pick and choose which teachings of Christ we choose to believe. Jesus taught us love for God and for our fellow man, but He also taught that there is only one way to Heaven, and that's through Jesus Christ (John 14:6, John 3:16-18). Jesus taught that there is a lot of false thinking out there, with false christs and false prophets that attempt to deceive people (Matthew 7:13-14, 24:4-5, 11-12, 24). And Jesus commanded us to share the truth of the gospel with the world (Matthew 28-18-20).

In light of the teachings of Jesus -- ALL the teachings of Jesus -- I would say that our ministry does reflect what Christ taught. You are correct that God is the source of all joy, security, and salvation. But there is a condemnation for sin, and a lot of people are on that broad road. False prophets are deceiving people, and we are following the Great Commission by exposing the lies of Satan with the light of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have a specific example of how our ministry is contrary to the teachings of Christ, I would very much like to hear what it is. We are imperfect humans, who are prone to error. But unless you can be specific in how we are not doing the will of Christ, then your contention comes across as somewhat hollow. May God bless you.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries