TRUTH from a Latter Day Saint - 02/26/2003

Dear Ben & Jennifer,
I have just discovered your web site, and have read some of your information. I am an active Latter Day Saint, and I must commend you for your accuracy on your posts. Most "Christians" have a tendency to misquote our leaders and Doctrine. Or they purposely only quote part of a quote, just to make the Church look bad in the eyes of the world. They spend a lot of time trying to make it look like our early leaders were teaching something different than the Church teaches today. Although I have not read all your posts yet, I am sure that I will find some of those posts on your site as well. However, whether you have or not, might I suggest that you could make better use of your time, by finding a method for interpreting the Bible correctly. As it stands now, you have stated that the Mormons teach this Doctrine or that Doctrine and the Bible teaches this or that about that Doctrine. Showing that they are totally opposed to each other. While the correct phrase should be, that the Mormons teach this or that, but we believe the Bible teaches something else. The bottom line is, we each understand the Bible differently. The answer is to find a method that the whole world can use to understand the Bible equally the same. Since all truth comes from God, a truth is the same for you as it is for us. And if we were all using the same method to interpret the same version of the Bible, we would all believe the same things. And there would be no divisions among us. I would suggest that you no longer waste your time with the method you are presently using and let the Lord speak the truth to all equally. None favored over another. This is just a suggestion, for what it's worth. Your Brother in Christ……….Hugh


Greetings Hugh! Thanks for contacting us at Contender Ministries. We appreciate your commendation regarding our accuracy. We are interested in sharing truth, and so accuracy is very important to us.

If I understand the rest of your email correctly, you're of the opinion that we're acting out the old analogy of two blind men at opposite ends of an elephant. You think we're describing two different ends to what is actually the same animal - or in this case, the same truth. If I believed that, we would not expend our time and energy in this ministry. We ARE in this ministry though, and it's because I believe we're describing two different animals.

You see, truth is an absolute. There is no gray area to truth - it's either true or it isn't. There aren't shades of truth. Truth is exclusive. Truth, in its essence, relegates everything else to the realm of falsehood. I believe that Joseph Smith bought into a falsehood, and perpetuated it. This falsehood is growing with each generation. Because we care about people, and don't wish for them to be deceived, we strongly declare the truth as is plainly set forth in the Bible. Joseph Smith and his successors declared a belief in the Bible "in so far that it is translated correctly." In practice, this means "when it agrees with us." God did not give us His Word to have it fall. He has sustained it through the centuries. We believe the Bible to be God's inerrant Word to us.

So you see Hugh, I don't think our differences are a simple matter of perspective, or interpretation. I believe our differences lie in truth vs. falsehood. I have no doubt that you are a good and sincere person. It is for this reason that we speak out. May God speak to you and bless you.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries