Why isn't Judaism listed as a cult? - 11/27/2002

Sorry, I should have included this in my other letter. Why isn't Judaism considered a cult like every other religion you have labeled to be a cult? That alone shows that there is a hypocrisy in your teachings. I am very impressed by the well written works available on your website, and also very scared at how convincing you are in your words; not by facts, but by the sly distortions. Amazing that you have listed every "cult", yet Judaism is not included; what are you afraid of? better yet, who are you afraid of?

Like I stated in the other email, if you wish to attack religions as you do - and as "nice" as you try and sound, you are still attacking them - try and be consistent. I would like to see, under your Apologetics section, something about Judaism; I don't see why you wouldn't, unless the questions stated above are purely rhetorical.



Greetings once again, Mr. Shpilt. You asked a great question, and I've got an answer for you. Christianity sprang from Judaism. In fact, Jesus was a Jew, as were the bulk of the original apostles. There is a large and growing segment of the Jewish population known as Messianic Jews, that recognize Jesus as the Messiah. The Bible says that the Jews are God's chosen people, and Bible prophecy tells us that eventually the Jews WILL recognize Him as the Messiah. We do have apologetics geared towards Jews on our site. There is a link on the main page entitled, "Jesus is the Messiah Prophecied in the Old Testament." This link lists the Messianic prophecies, and shows how they were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. This is what Jews need to know and understand. So you see, there is no hypocrisy here and we're afraid of no one. I hope this answered your question.

In Christ,
Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries