The zionist jews and towelheads are all animals - 10/28/2002

Well that one Saudi girl who was taught to hate Jews and call them pigs and apes was taught right. Personally I think the zionist Jews and the towelheads over there are all animals. I think the USA should leave that area and let them kill each other for dead and just start new when its all over. By no means are jews innocent!! SO enough of this "oh, the poor persecuted jew" bulls***!!!!!!!!!!!


Greetings Ray, and thanks for contacting us here at Contender Ministries. To be quite honest, I feel a bit sickened at the level of your hate and bigotry. I pray that God would break through your hate so that you might someday experience His love first-hand. It's wrong to hate anybody, as we are all God's creation. The message of the gospels is one of love, not hate. No, the Jews aren't perfect. None of us are. In fact, the reason the Jews were without a homeland for a couple thousand years was a punishment for their sins. Nevertheless, they are God's chosen people, and they have been gathered back to their homeland, just as was prophesied in the Bible. We must pay careful attention to prophecy these days, as so much is being fulfilled. The Bible talks about the nations that will rise up against Israel in the last days. They will meet a most terrible fate. God's hand of protection will be on Israel, and that will be evident to all -- even to you. Check out the link below for a study of the war against Israel to which I'm referring. In the meantime, I pray that you come to grips with the source of the hate that lies within you.

In Christ (who was a Jew)

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries