Ex-Mormon is Finally Happy - 10/05/2008

Ben & Jennifer,
Hi, just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for the truth and light you are bringing on the falseness of the LDS church. I am 24, grew up staunch LDS in Utah and (naturally) believed what I was taught. But in my teen years I started questioning a lot of their doctrines and what they said about non members. My heart just told me it was wrong. And i was always depressed (but didnt show it.) I was never good enough and always feeling toxic shame. I was always devoted still even tho I had the stirrings inside that something wasn't right. I did a mission and that's what drove me to the edge. After I got home I became inactive and stopped reading the LDS scriptures and anything that had to do with the church (I kept my personal morals and values tho) anyways, I have come to Christ and my depression is gone, there is a light in my life from Christ and now that I'm out of the brainwashed mindset I can see how crazy and cunning the lds are!!! I try not to feel hate towards them, but I feel sad as my family and many close friends are still engrossed in it. And when I witness to them they get so defensive (I remember doing the same thing when I was under the "spell") anyways, I thank u for what you guys are doing! I'm a better person since leaving the LDS church and accepting Christ into my heart and life and it's a crazy thought to think I thought I was a better person IN the church! Haha
May God bless you both!


Hi Jer.  Thanks for the encouraging words!  They mean so much to us.  We rejoice and praise the Lord with you for your deliverance from Mormonism.  We've had the pleasure to witness several Mormons leave the LDS Church for the true Jesus of the Bible.  Considering the societal and family pressures on those who leave Mormonism, it is truly a miracle of the Holy Spirit when that happens.  As an RM who has found Christ, you're in a great position to share the gospel with those who are still deceived by Mormonism.  We pray that the Lord lift you up and sustain you as you contend for the faith!

In Christ,

Ben Rast
Contender Ministries