Testimonial of an ex-Catholic - 04/30/2003

First of all, may Almighty God Bless you and your ministry and also the wonderful work that you have been doing. I would, second of all, offer a testimonial:

I used to be a non-practicing Roman Catholic, early in my life, then a fervent one as I grew older, then something happened in my life in which it made me do a 360 degree turn in my faith. My brother at one time reached an alarming point of his life in which he was depressed and eventually wanted to commit suicide. Pleading to him not to do it and trying to explain to him how wonderful life can be and how things happen in our lives that may no necessarily be perfect, was not enough to convince him, so as defeated as I felt and with an ever-increasing suicidal tendencies my brother was harboring, I turned to my last resort, yes My Savior Jesus Christ.

At the time, I was still a Roman Catholic, but what was funny was that every time I went into that church I sought Jesus Christ Himself! And prayed and begged to Him to deliver my brother from the grips of Satan and darkness. After much prayer, I was finally heard, and my brother began having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and came out of that darkness, Halleluyah! Praise the Lord! My point is that I began seeing much of what was wrong in the Catholic Church and with much developed and eventually established relationship with a dear friend, I approximately 11/2-2 years ago was saved and began a personal relationship with Jesus and devotion to reading Scripture when I can. So I was essentially called out because I heard my Master's voice and I recognized it thanks to the dear friend who was utilized as vessel to bring me back to where I belong with Jesus, God Bless You In Jesus Name.


Greetings Julio! Thank you so much for contacting us at Contender Ministries. We praise God that you AND your brother have found Jesus, and have been rescued from spiritual darkness. One of the common themes we hear from ex-Catholics is that they found a lot of religion within Catholicism, but not much Jesus. What a blessing it is to be able to have a personal relationship with our Savior! What a joy it was to hear that you have found that relationship, and that your brother was able to find the ultimate hope - our everlasting salvation through Christ Jesus! May God bless you and your brother as you continue to walk with the Lord and contend for the faith.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries