Remove Catholicism, Add Judaism - 03/02/2003

May I respectfully suggest that you remove the Catholicism category and replace it with Judaism? For it is Judaism which has consistently rejected Christ since the very time of His Holy Ministry, and writes of Him in the Babylonian Talmud that he was a 'sorcerer and fraud who seduced Israel and led her astray." Over the centuries their attitude has not deviated from this belief and they have no intention of ever converting to Christianity. In fact, only two years ago, Jewish rabbis were publicly burning copies of the New Testament in Israel. As Martin Luther once wrote, you will sooner convert the Devil and his legions of angels before you will ever convert the Jews. Need I remind you that the Fathers of the Church believed that coming antiChrist will be born of the Jews-which would be most fitting theologically, since they were the ones who rejected Our Lord in favor of an earthly regime. As Caiphas so indelicately put it: "Better that one man should perish than that the entire nation should be lost." In fact, the entire nation WAS lost, as it was utterly destroyed in 70 AD just as Our Lord had prophesied.


Hi again, Joseph. I appreciate your suggestion, but there are some serious flaws in your thinking. First, let me point out the parts of your email I happen to agree with. Most Jews have rejected the Messiahship of Jesus Christ. In fact, Israel has a long recorded history of sinning against God. They also have a long recorded history of being punished for their sin. Their expulsion from Jerusalem in 70 AD was one of those punishments. Yet God has never turned His back on His chosen people. As prophecied in the Old Testament, He has brought them home again (Zechariah 10:3-12), as is evidenced by the recreation of the state of Israel in 1948. His hand of protection has been on them through numerous wars since then. Do they continue to sin as a people? Yes, as do we all. Yet not all Jews have rejected Jesus.

Your anti-semitic views should be tempered. Jesus was a Jew. Most of His disciples and the first century apostles were Jews. There are many Jews that recognize that Jesus was and is their Messiah. They are sometimes called Jewish Christians, but most prefer to be called "Jewish believers" or "Messianic Jews." The organization Jews for Jesus is a ministry of Jewish believers that go from city to city on their "Behold your God" tour, evangelizing to the Jewish community. I thank God for this group. They care enough about their fellow Jews to show them that Jesus is truly the Messiah. The Vatican obviously doesn't care about the Jews, as they announced last year a prohibition on evangelizing to Jews.

Bible prophecy tells us that the Jews will eventually recognize that Jesus is the Messiah (Zechariah 12:10-13:6). The Bible also tells us that His protective hand will be on His people (Zechariah 12:1-9), and nations that rise up against Israel will face the harsh judgment of Almighty God. God's hand is on the Jews, Joseph. We do not ignore their sin. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, we support the evangelism of the Jews. While you won't find them on our list of cults and religious movements, you WILL find a prominent link on our main page, where we list the Messianic prophecies and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ. May God touch your life.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries