'All Faiths Lead to God' Correction - 12/09/2002

Tremendous site!

You may mean something, else but I wanted to share a clarification worth consideration. Let's read the statement in the Freemasonry section below.

"The Masons, like so many false religions, hold as a core belief one of Satan's biggest lies. That being that all faiths and all scriptures lead to the same God."

This essentially is correct but could be clarified. All religions in fact do lead to God, but the difference is how we will meet him as 1.) condemned to hell for all eternity with gnashing of teeth, etc. or 2.) forgiven, saved, welcomed into his presence and blessed for all eternity by God forever!!!

That's it. err.. I hope this is helpful. Keep of fighting the great fight.

Thankfully Saved,


Greetings Richard, and thank you for contacting Contender Ministries. Your point is well taken and agreed with. I think the general understanding in the statement, is that there is no "narrow road" and no "broad road" -- there is only one road, with salvation that is universal, if necessary at all. That is the lie we are addressing. Of course, we know there is a narrow road, and that is Jesus Christ. Ultimately, as you so aptly pointed out, we will all face the judgment seat. We will face the Lord having been either redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, or condemned by our own selfish pride. Thank you for your encouraging email. May God richly bless you as you contend for the faith!

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries