Feeling Strength and Resolve - 05/15/2005

Dear Contender Ministry people, Thank you for your website and the valuable information and spiritual support that it provides. I believe we are living very close to the end times, and that it won’t be long before even having a website like this will be considered a crime. My Christian walk has become even stronger in the past few years….I have depended less on what is blathered from the average pulpit in the average church in America, and have relied on straight forward Bible teaching from websites, fellow Christians, my husband and just me and the Lord together in the Bible. One day, that too, may be something we will have to hide….in the meantime though, I am happy to share all of the good things that your website has to offer, and have showed my children, my family, and friends what you have researched . I thank you….for it only strengthens my faith and my resolve to keep on keeping on…..I thank God for you. In Jesus Name, Donna


Hi Donna.  Thank you for your kind words.  We're so glad to hear the site has been helpful to you.  I fear you're probably right about websites like ours eventually falling prey to the growing intolerance of Christians in this world.  As you said, we'll keep on keeping on.  The Lord will sustain us, as will our brothers and sisters in Christ.  What those who persecute us forget is that Christianity always grows faster and spreads farther in the face of persecution.  Praise God that your faith has been strengthened through study, and that you are sharing your faith with others.  God bless your for your service to Him.

In Him,

Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries