KJO Division Displayed - 05/15/2005

I was in NY yesterday and a cab driver had a placard stating John 3:3.  After some enjoyable conversation, I realized he was a KJV only person.  I said that we would have to agree-to-disagree and that I used the NIV, NASB, New Living, Message... etc.  When I told him this, he started attacking and getting nasty.  I couldn't believe it!  Right then I wished I had done more research on this debate.  I did manage to mention the mistake of adding Judas in place of Jesus in one of the early versions.  He didn't believe it, so I offered to mail him info.  He refused.  Very sadly, he wouldn't even shake my hand when I offered (as I was leaving the cab).  He admitted that he wasn't really going to a church anymore, which was obviously a mistake.  Sounds like he might have been under some strange teaching in whatever Baptist church he "used to attend."
For those people who think the King James only debate is not important, they're wrong as it is obviously dividing the body of Christ.  And that's a shame.
In closing, thank you for your website, as I now know where to refer folks in the future.
Michael Angelovic


Hi Michael.  Thanks for writing in.  You gave another prime example of the needless divisiveness inherent in the KJO movement.  I'm sorry that your encounter with a brother in Christ had to end in bitterness on his part, but that seems all too common when dealing with a KJO proponent.  They have made an idol of one translation of a book, rather than the Word of God written within.  I have never condemned the King James Version, but I'm beginning to use it less and less.  We receive emails concerning alleged contradictions within the Bible, and sadly these contradictions are based on a poor translation in the KJV.  Some people attribute divine inspiration to the KJV, even over the earliest and most reliable manuscript evidence.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words.  Keep studying the Word, and be a fearless contender for the faith!  God bless.
In Christ,
Ben Rast
Contender Ministries