Prove homosexuality is wrong - 08/15/2004

Thank you so very much for your website and the information you provide. My daughter (a 27 yr. old Christian) is a social worker in Madison, WI and works with a lot of lesbians. She has become friends with one and was distraught to think this wonderful girl could be wrong. She challenged me to show her why homosexuality is wrong. I am sorry to say I couldn't provide a solid argument. I knew the scriptures, but was lacking with answers to some of her questions. I did a search on Google and found your website and the article "What the Bible says about Homosexuality". I copied it & highlighted the portions that directly answered her questions. I am sending it off today. Thank you so much for you ministry. Although I know what the Bible says, I don't always have the skills to explain it adequately to others who challenge the Word.

I have bookmarked your site! Thank you again!

May God richly bless you


Thank you for writing and sharing your nice comments. The issue of homosexuality is certainly a hot topic these days. On one hand, you have the homosexual movement that is having some success in their attempts to portray homosexuality as being as natural as perspiring on a hot day. On the other extreme, there are those who commit acts of violence and hatred against homosexuals, and sometimes will try to use the Bible to justify their behavior. Their acts serve to divert people from biblical truth -- that homosexuality is a sin, but the homosexual sinner must be reached out to in love. I have known several homosexuals in my life, most of whom are nice, decent people. However, if being "nice and decent" was all it took to get to heaven, then Jesus' sacrifice would have been unnecessary. I've known "nice" people who have committed adultery, and their personality did not make their philandering any less sinful. As Christians, it's important to show the truth with love. Homosexuality IS a sin. Being "homosexual" is to be unrepentant of that sin. I commend you for reaching out with the truth and contending for the faith. May the Lord bless you for it, and may He enlighten your daughter as well as her friend.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries