Pre-Tribulation Rapture is From Hell - 12/17/2006

Jennifer and all the rest of you... i know you won't but you would do well to read what Jesus said about his return...Matt:24v29-30-31 and this has nothing to do with the Jews, but your focus should be on when Jesus said he would return; Jesus is returning {ONE} more time and i fear that you are not ready for what those that you are deceiving with this {SECRET} rapture and{LEFT BEHIND}nonsense that is right out of HELL, you folks are not even concerned about changing the {WORD of GOD},that thing you call a [bible] says that Jesus is the only son of God...John: 3v16...i would be on my face day and night if i thought that i was not a son of Jesus Jerry K.



I had trouble following your e-mail without any punctuation or understandable flow of thought, but it's clear that different views on when and how Christ will return are very upsetting to you.  I would suggest that the interpretation of end-times prophecy isn't worth getting belligerent over.  I believe the Bible refers to these kind of attacks and bitterness as "needlessly divisive arguments".  The important  thing is that Jesus will return, those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior will have eternal life with Him, and there will be judgment for those who reject Christ.  I have a feeling you didn't read much of our website, and don't really know what we believe, other than our interpretation of a few end-times passages.  A militant dislike of anyone you feel doesn't agree with you kept you from investigating fully before shooting off an angry e-mail.  Since you didn't provide any information to back up your beliefs, and couldn't even tell us specifically what you feel we're "deceiving" people with, I'll assume you don't really know what evidence we gave for our beliefs, and that's why you resort to a general condemnation of our prophecy articles as "right out of HELL".  The Bible is not right out of hell, Jerry, but I do believe angry, unchristian, taunting e-mails like this very well could be.  You'll have more success convincing people your prophecy interpretations are correct if you can learn to control your tongue, lose the condescension and name-calling, and concentrate more on whether the fruits of the Spirit can be seen in your words, attitude, and arguments.  By the way, I also believe Jesus is the only Son of God.  If you think we don't believe that, you should read more carefully before passing judgment. 

Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries