Stay in the Lord and Pray for Me - 11/29/2003

Hello how are you doing. I just want to say to you guys is keep on praying and stay in the Lord as you continue to do because I been reading some of your recent letters and I want to say I love the way you don't condem, judge, or even so high offensive when you respond to different letters weither they are good and bad. I do want you guys to pray for me because I want to say in the Lord no matter what and I see people can change and I love everybody no matter what they are from or what they done and I want to know God's love and I would try to e-mail you when I get the chance love you and God Bless.



Hi Julius. I'm terribly sorry it has taken so long to respond to you. We get so many emails from people that are on shaky ground with their beliefs, that your email by necessity required a lower priority response. I do want to tell you how much we appreciate receiving your words of encouragement. This ministry makes it necessary to do daily battle with the forces of darkness, and messages from believers like you provide a ray of light. You are truly a gift to us. Feel free to email us whenever you have need, and I promise we will try to respond in a more timely manner. You are in our prayers. May God lift you up, bless you, and give you wisdom.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries