Ex-Catholic Shares His Testimony - 11/30/2003

Dear Contender Ministries:

Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Almightly God. All honor and praises on high to the Triune God! I just found your site a couple of days ago and have been greatly impressed in what I have read. Thankyou! I too was raised Catholic. Being the oldest of nine children I was to be the example for my siblings. I was a alter boy and said the mass in latin with the priest. I went to confession regularly with the same sins and the same penance of prayers to recite.

With such a strong up bringing you would think that I would grow up as a good catholic! Not to be! I had two failed marriages, four children, went to alcohol rehab and stopped going to church after a third marriage, and was diagnosed as depressed with manic tendencies! I was not happy or at peace. I did maintain a sembalance of contact by talking to Jesus and kept asking for some guidance to enlighten me as to what to do and where to go!

Thankfully at the age of 48 I was led to the Lutheran Missouri Synod Church by the guidance of the holy spirit and took classes on the faith/beliefs of that church, and the reading of scripture and hearing the Word, and partaking in the sacrement of the body and blood of Jesus. I have never been happier! In my marriage, my work, and in the personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Sure I still have life's frustration, but I am finding a greater balance in my life. I have left the catholic church and its acts of works, that bondage of fear and guilt is gone and now I am a beacon for the Holy Spirit to use.

I pray to all out there who are not at peace that they to will find the Way, Truth, and Light of the world as I have recieved. May the Power of Christ remain with you and in your evangelical work!



Hi Robert. Praise God for your powerful testimony! What a wonderful account of being delivered from a man-made religion of works to the truth and grace of Jesus Christ. We pray that you will stay strong in the Lord, and find a way to use your experience to reach others for Christ. May God bless you and keep you.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries