Water Baptism Is Of Satan - 11/30/2003

During Jesus' ministry on the earth where can we find even one water baptism for anyone He healed, raised from the dead or cleansed of demons? For example, read all of Jn 5. Where was the water baptism? There was water but clearly no water baptism. What did Jesus say? "STOP SINNING!" Compare that command to 1Jn 3:7-10. Also, read Jn 1-21; 1Jn 1-5; 2Jn.

Ask your religious teachers to describe even one water baptism during Jesus' ministry on the earth. Not one religious teacher can. There were none. Religious teachers who defend or perform water baptisms are the liars and deceivers that Jesus, His prophets and His apostles warned about over and over again, Ps 82; Isa 1-5; Jer 23; Mt 24; Mk 13; Lk 21; 2Co 11:1-15; 2Th 2; 1Ti 4; 2Ti 3-4; 2Pe 1-3; Jude; Rev 17-18. They have rewritten God's Word to their own condemnation, Isa 55; Jer 17:5-13; Eze 34; Gal 1:6-12.

John the Baptist's ministry, the only water baptism ordained by God, was well documented, Mt 3; Mt 11:1-15; Mk 1; Lk 3; Jn 1. The transition from John's ministry to Jesus' ministry was well documented, Mt 4; Jn 3:22-4:3; Ac 10:34-43; Ac 13:16-43. The transition from Judaism to Christianity was well documented, Ac 8; Ac 10-11; Ac 12:24-15:35. Between these 2 transitions and after them there were no water baptisms. Ac 8; Ac 10-11, were water baptisms of Jewish tradition for Gentile converts into Judaism, Mt 23; Mk 7; Lk 11. In Ac 11, the apostles learned that "God has granted even the Gentiles repentance unto Life." They never baptized with water again because the baptism of Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit baptism of His Living Water, His Word, His Name, Ps 8; Jer 2:13,22; Mt 28:16-20; Mk 16:14-20; Lk 24:44-49; Jn 1-4; Jn 7:37-39; Jn 15:3; Jn 17:6-19; Jn 18-21; Ac 1-7; Ac 9; Ac 11-28. The Holy Spirit baptism of Jesus Christ is the one and only baptism that Christians must have to be saved, Eph 4-6. The Great Commission was never about water baptism, Isa 11-12. Compare Mt 28:20 to Jn 14-17 and Ro 6-8:27. Notice the words "obedience," "obey," "obeyed," "obeys" and "under Grace!" Compare "I am with you always..." to "...I will come to you!"

In Eph 4:30, Paul warned us not to grieve the Holy Spirit, Mt 25. When was God grieved the first time? Just before He sent the Great Flood and drowned all of mankind except for righteous Noah and his family, Ge 6:5-7:1. Who died in the waters of the Great Flood? Compare what Peter wrote about the Great Flood in 1Pe 3:8-4:6 to Pr 10:25. Did Noah get wet in the Great Flood? Did Israel get wet when they crossed the Red Sea? 1Co 10:1-22. Who died in the waters of the Red Sea? Ex 13:17-14:31. Did Israel get wet crossing the Jordan with Joshua into the Promised Land? Jos 3-4. Didn't Jesus say His true followers would be "fishers of men?" Mk 1:14-20; Lk 5-7. Don't fishermen take fish out of the water? Mt 13:47-50. What will happen after God sends the "many fishermen?" Jer 16:14-21. In Bible prophecy earthly Jerusalem symbolizes the entire harlot church, Isa 1:18-28; Jer 1-15; Lk 21:20-24; Heb 10:26-31. Only the heavenly Jerusalem will be an acceptable bride for the Lamb of God, Ps 87; Heb 11-13; Rev 21.

In Mt 12; Mt 16; Lk 11, Jesus said that anyone who needs more than the "sign of Jonah" is "wicked and adulterous." According to Jesus, all water baptizers are "wicked and adulterous." Water baptizers do not believe that Jesus Christ fulfilled all of the earthly requirements for our salvation in His flesh, Mt 3:13-15; Jn 1-4:42; 1Jn 4:1-6; 2Jn. They refuse to believe that born again Christians have been bought with the blood of Jesus to serve God, to be led by His Spirit for God's Glory, Ro 6-8:27; Eph 1-2:10; Heb 1-7; Rev 5. Serving God with the help of His Holy Spirit is the "spiritual act of worship" that is expected from all born again Christians, Jn 4:21-24; Ro 12; Gal 1-6; Php 1-4; Tit 1-3; Heb 8-10. This is "True Grace" but this Truth has been distorted by Satan's "servants of righteousness," "deceitful workmen," who have been "masquerading as apostles of Christ," 2Co 2:14-7:1; 2Co 11:1-15; 1Pe 1-5.

Everyone must get out of the water baptizing churches that Jesus called the "synagogue of Satan" or you will share in their plagues and punishments for distorting God's Word, Heb 13:9-16; Rev 1-3; Rev 18:4-8; Rev 22. John called all water baptizers "antichrist" and anyone who wants to be saved must first run from these people, Jas 1:16-27; 1Jn 2. Warn them as brothers but have nothing to do with them if they refuse God's Truth, Ps 9-11; Mt 11-13; Ac 20:17-35; 1Co 1-6; Eph 2:11-5:21; 1Th 1-5; 2Th 1-3.

For in-depth Biblical proof that all of these statements are true, just ask for the baptism emails called, "The Truth About Baptism" and "Jer 2:13: The Truth About Lies in the Churches." They are free from canawedding@aol.com. These emails have already been sent to thousands in the ministries of many denominations, Ps 36. No one has been able to successfully dispute the emails because all demoninations have distorted the Truths in God's Word, Isa 54:16-17; Mt 10:24-39; Jn 14; 1Co 1:17-25. Read Pr 1-9, and notice it is the FEAR OF THE LORD that is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom, Pr 1:7; Pr 9:10. There is no fear of the Lord anywhere today. The blind are leading the blind, joyfully, into the pit, Mt 15:1-20. God said, "The waywardness of the simple will kill them and the complacency of fools will destroy them," Pr 1:32. God will laugh at their disaster and their calamity because they refused to listen to His many warnings, Pr 1:20-33; Eze 15. Wake up or you too will perish in the lies and slander against the Sovereignty and Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ! Isa 47-50; Isa 66:1-6; Jer 50-51; La 1-5; Lk 8-19; Ro 1:16-25; 2Pe 1; Rev 14:6-8.

Believe! - Jn 6:44-69; Repent! - Ac 3:17-23; Obey! - Jn 14-17,


Hi Anne. I must confess that your disapproval of water baptism seems to have more to do with a severe case of hydrophobia than with biblical mandate. In fact, your misinterpretation of Scripture is astonishing!

You asked for an example of "even one water baptism during Jesus' ministry on the earth." I can provide one. John 3:22, "After this, Jesus and his disciples went out into the Judean countryside, where he spent some time with them, and baptized. Now John also was baptizing at Aenon near Salim, because there was plenty of water, and people were constantly coming to be baptized. " Now, not only were Jesus' disciples baptizing people in water, but He was there with them. Don't you think that Jesus would be vocal in opposition to this if, as you say, "Everyone must get out of the water baptizing churches that Jesus called the 'synagogue of Satan' or you will share in their plagues and punishments for distorting God's Word"? The very word "baptize" comes from the Greek word baptizo, which means "to submerge or immerse; to cleanse with water."

It's true that baptism is not required for salvation. Most churches that practice baptism recognize that fact. But it IS biblical to be baptized. Not only did was Jesus baptized in water, but He participated in the baptism in water of others, and He commanded, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. " - Matthew 28:19. And remember that the word “baptism” means to cleanse with water, so He was not speaking of spirit baptism here! 

The rest of your arguments are so far off base and unbiblical that it’s hard to know where to begin. You have twisted Scripture so far out of shape that it’s difficult to conceive the path you took. The baptisms in the book of Acts – unless otherwise specified – were water baptisms. Also, as they were performed by the disciples of Jesus Christ, they were not performed for gentile conversion to Judaism. They were performed because of the Great Commission. If you want to be true to the Bible, you’ll need to admit that the Word of God talks of both water baptism and spirit baptism, and it condemns neither one. Your justification is amazingly lacking. I pray that you will read the New Testament again, and pray that the Holy Spirit would convict you of its truth. You are perverting the very Word of God, and are in danger of the same condemnation you presume to pass on others. But unlike the blasphemous contention you make, God will not “laugh at your disaster.” May the Holy Spirit convict you and turn you back to the truth of the gospel.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries