Is RLDS Christian? - 11/30/2003

Dear Contender,

Today I just picked up a book by Carol Hansen called Reoganized Latter Day Saint Church: Is It Christian? I have visited there church here in Independence and I know about them> My mom and I have had several discussions on them about being christians. When she was a teenage she went to school with alot of people who were RLDS and she was assurd that they were christians by the way of their actions and testimonies. Well my pastor thinks they are a cult and so do I and now they are called the Community of Christ. The lady who wrote this book was in that church for 48 years an then left. Well as far as the people who went to school with my mom were or are christians you would think they would leave that church. But I would like you thoughts on this or some info, I know I will get alot out of this book but I have never seen you guys give any info or may have overlooked it if I have sorry. Well anyway thanks and God bless!!!



Hi Scott. Thanks for writing to Contender Ministries. You and your pastor are right -- the RLDS church is every bit as much of a cult as the LDS church. The RLDS believe that Joseph Smith Jr. (the founding prophet of Mormonism) passed on his blessing to his son, Joseph Smith III, who should have been the rightful successor as prophet. The LDS Church believes that Brigham Young was the rightful successor. That's where the split comes into play. Both religions are based on Joseph Smith Jr. as founding prophet. However, Smith was clearly a false prophet, and both religions based on his teachings are false religions. The "Inspired Version" of the Bible is the RLDS Bible. It makes a lot of doctrinal changes to the Bible. And remember, one doesn't have to be a Christian to live by Christian principles and ethics. Being Christian is not based on works, but rather, it is based on the saving grace of Jesus Christ. May God bless you and keep you.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries