SMU Student Rejects Global Governance - 11/30/2003

To whom it may concern,
I attend Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas. I randomly came across your website while doing research for a debate on "Why the U.S. should resist greater global governance." You have done a wonderful job on this web-page and were are great help to me. You also reminded me that this is not just politics, religion can suffer if we lose our identity. Thank you for your efforts.

God Bless,


Hi Caroline. Thanks for your email and for your words of encouragement. As a nation built on Christian faith and Judeo-Christian principles, we can only lose if we surrender part or all of our sovereignty to the often anti-Christian forces behind global governance. May God bless you in your studies and as you contend for the faith.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries