Constitution Party Rep Declares Our Voter Guide 'Deceitful' - 10/30/2004

Dear Contender Ministries,

Your "voter guide" is deceitful because it intentionally omits non-Republican/non-Democratic candidates, most particularly the Constitution Party's Michael Peroutka, and leads voters into believing that they have no other choice for whom to vote.

Your disclaimer states, "We did not include Ralph Nader or the other 70+ candidates for President who are not in a position to win the election."

This is totally misleading because there are only about five or six other candidates who will appear on enough ballots to win a majority of electoral votes. There are nowhere near "70+ candidates" in that position. Therefore, these candidates indeed "are in a position to win the election," mathematically speaking. Peroutka, a strong Christian champion, is one of those candidates, and you have disrespected his Christian candidacy by locking him out of your voter guide.

How dare you shake your fist to God by putting Him in a box with regard to the outcomes of elections. With God, all things are possible, and if He willed it, God would bring to pass a third party victory this Tuesday. Your disclaimer insinuates that God is powerless with regard to the victory of a non- Republican or non-Democrat.

Peroutka is a superior candidate than G.W. Bush because Peroutka is committed to restoring American jurisprudence to its biblical foundation and our federal government to its constitutional boundaries.

Bush, on the other hand, proclaimed earlier this week on ABC News that Muslims and Christians "worship the same god", which is a universalist lie. See interview at:

By promoting George Bush, you are promoting a man who had an opportunity to spread the Gospel to a national audience this week, and who instead denied the Gospel by endorsing a doctrine of demons.

Shame on your ministry for misleading Christian voters into believing that they have no other choice for whom to vote for President other than Bush or John Kerry.

Your efforts do nothing to promote voter choice, and you have failed to educate your readers about their true realm of candidates from which to choose - candidates that indeed *are* in a position to win.

Your efforts simply play into the hands of those who wish to entrench the anti-Christian one-party-masquerading- as-a-two-party-system.


Reed R. Heustis, Jr.


Hi Mr. Heustis, I understand your sentiments, but I feel they are naive and foolhardy. Can you honestly tell me that anyone but George W. Bush or John F. Kerry have a chance to win this election? If you do, I'd say you are answering based on wishful thinking rather than realism. If every Bible-believing Christian opted to vote for Mr. Peroutka (still a long shot proposition), the end result would be that John Kerry would win the election, and that would be a victory for secularists, abortionists, and homosexual advocates. We do not agree with President Bush on all issues, and his ignorance on Islam is one of those points. However, he is a man of Christian faith who is putting that faith into action by opposing abortion, gay marriage, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and by appointing constitutional-minded justices to the federal bench. I don't doubt that Mr. Peroutka would do the same, but as I said before, he realistically does not have a chance to win this election. I wish our system was not ruled by the two major parties, but it's a reality we need to learn to deal with. Based on every national poll, a vote for anybody but Bush or Kerry is going to be a wasted vote next week, and if Christians vote as you suggest in enough numbers, John Kerry will be the next president. I can't tell you how frightening a proposition I find that to be. I encourage you to watch the video 'Inner Strength', which discusses the faith of George W. Bush. You'll find he HAS publicly stated that he is a sinner who has been redeemed because he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

Mr. Heustis, in an ideal world, we would not be so limited by the two-party system. As I'm sure you know, we do not live in an ideal world. I understand you will likely vote for Mr. Peroutka based on principle, and in a way, I admire that. Yet I also recognize that such a vote in this election is an unwitting vote for John F. Kerry, and I cannot and will not support that.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries