Curious Student Witnessing to Mormon Friend - 10/17/2003


I've recently become close friends while away for school with a Mormon and we've begun to discuss the differences between our religions. Your website is extremely interesting and has encouraged me to continue debating the contradictions that exists between the Bible and the book of Mormon.


Curious student


Hi Curious Student. What a blessing it is to hear from others that are contending for the faith! As Christians, we know the truth - the absolute truth - that can save the souls of those we know and love. To share that truth with a friend or loved one is to show love and caring for that person. Witholding that truth, simply to get along, is to show a decidedly unloving disregard for their eternal soul. The Lord will bless you as you contend for Him and share the gospel with your Mormon friend. Thank you for your service to Him.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries