Present Both Sides in Evolution Discussion - 10/04/2003

Why don't you post the replies to your "authoritative" writings with relation to that which you do not subscribe. You elequently point out the flaws in evolution, but do not see it appropriate to post contradictions to your beliefs. I for one believe that science and God do co-exist. Fossil records are certainly full of holes. This does not make it untrue.

In the early days, Ptolemy and others believed that the universe (including the moon and the sun) must revolve around the earth. The earth was the center of everything, and you were being sacreligious to believe otherwise.

I don't suggest that Darwin was completely accurate. Perhaps evolution did occur, but not with the creation of man. Perhaps it was a tool of god. I don't know, nor does anyone else. That is why we have science, to try and find out.

I must add that the predisposed distrust of scripture that is common among our scientists disturbs me, but that does not make science wrong. Fact is, we simply don't know much.

Also, you suggest that works don't get you to heaven, faith does. But then you go on to suggest that if you have faith, works necessarily follow. I disagree. Works are of the world, faith is of christ. Simple confession of sins won't get us to heaven, but belief in the death and resurrection of the Lord Christ to pay for our sins and acknowledgement of these failures as humans and christs payment for these faults most certainly will, even if my works are evil.

Post both sides, or else you suggest that you alone are right in your beliefs and interpretations.



Hi Tim. Thanks for writing to us. I'm curious as to where you felt we stated that science and God do NOT co-exist? I don't remember stating that anywhere in our website. On the contrary, God created the natural world, and all the laws that govern it. Science exists, but not independent of God.

Evolution is unscientific. Many evolutionists hold that it takes at least as much faith to believe in Darwinian evolution as it does to believe in God. I would contend it takes a much greater leap of faith. The fact is, there is no proof for evolution! None! There are no unimpeachable evidences for Darwinian evolution. It is bad science! What was raised as a hypothesis is given status of fact in our educational instutitions without any proof! You said we should present the other side of this case. Well, the other side has their forum - the public school system. Anyone educated in the United States is familiar with the claims of Darwinian evolution -- to the exclusion of any other theory (such as special creation!). During the Scopes "Monkey" Trial in 1925, ACLU lead attorney Clarence Darrow said, "It is the height of bigotry to teach only one view of origins." Yet now that evolution is taught to the exclusion of creation, the ACLU is conveniently quiet and accepting. The Darwinian side has their forum, and I'll give them no space on our website. This website stands for truth, not for error. Evolution did not occur, because God's Word said it did not occur - and the bulk of the scientific evidence backs God on this issue! I can list out scientific evidences against evolution, but evolutionists cannot name one scientific evidence against special creation! When it comes to evolution, God is right and Darwin is wrong. We stand with God on this.

In summary, we don't claim to be anti-science. We are pro-truth, and evolution is simply a vain attempt to disprove God. It is being force-fed to public school students, and this website is but one avenue of presenting the truth. I am not alone in believing the truth. Any Bible-believing Christian knows the truth as well.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries