Pastor To Spread Word on Earth Charter - 10/04/2003

I praise the Lord that my wife found your site while we were searching for info. about the Earth Charter. I was so outraged and spiritually disturbed when I heard a radio program about this new age abomination to God. I am the pastor of a small country church in Lambsburg Va., in which we have a congregation of about 50 people on average. My wife and I have spent our spare time the past few days gathering all the info. we can about this serious threat to Christianity. I am already putting small packets of literature together to give out to my congregation and other pastors I know and feel assured they will want to check out your site, if they haven't already. I am praying about and seeking Gods guidance for the leadership to have a special service just for this cause. Pray for me and my family as we press toward the mark for Christ.

Your Brother,

Rev. Christopher


Hi Rev. Christopher! Thanks for contacting us at Contender Ministries. The Earth Charter is one of several ways that the New Age Movement and the humanist movement are working on a global scale. They realize their biggest opposition to their agenda comes from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (the 'big 3' monotheistic faiths), and so they very much want to merge the various faiths and religions into a form of global religion that denies the gospel of Jesus Christ and denies the existance of absolute truth. Then they can push their agenda of "tolerance" (at the expense of the truth), elimination of proselytizing, and "sustainable population development" (abortion) in the third world nations. We think it's wonderful that you are disseminating information regarding the often unreported truth behind the Earth Charter and related movements! You will definitely have our prayers that God will bless the work you are doing as you contend for the faith! Thank you for the encouraging words, and for your service on His behalf.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries