Looking for More Info on Earth Charter - 10/05/2003

I heard mention of the "Earth Charter" on a Christian radio station, which also mentioned the Contender Ministries web site. I've found two articles pertaining to the subject: A Beginning to Global Governance and The Earth Charter's Spiritual Agenda.

What I am inquiring about is, do you have any other information on the subject? I've been to the Earth Charter's web site, but have not had time to read through the entire hand book. If you could suggest some other resources, I would be grateful.

Thank you for your time,



Hi Jeremy. Thanks for contacting us regarding the Earth Charter (EC). A couple of other articles on the EC can be found at the following websites:

- http://www.worthyinsights.com/features/earth-unholy-charter.html

- http://www.getusout.org/earthcharter/index.htm

You can also do an internet search and find an abundance of information out there on the EC. As a cautionary note though, most of those sources are new age/globalist sources that fully endorse the EC. One must realize that some terms carry more meaning than they seem to on the surface. For instance "sustainable economic development" sounds acceptable enough, until you realize that a key element of sustainable development is population control (which, under the humanist-driven ideology, includes abortion). Some EC endorsers have gone on record in favor of establishing a China-esque population control policy on a global scale, requiring abortion or sterilization for those who have reached the limit. Under headings such as "interfaith cooperation" and "tolerance of faith traditions", proponents seek to end free religious expression for those faiths that believe in absolute truth, and an end to proselytizing (evangelism). This is a dangerous plan that is clothed in a few good ideas and noble sounding intentions. It is, in fact, a "wolf in sheep's clothing." I hope this helps out. May the Lord bless you as you contend for the faith!

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries