Stop Misquoting, Insulting, and Bashing - 10/04/2003

To Whom it may Concern:

I wish to start out by saying that I am a Christian. I have been to your website and I must say that I am disturbed by what I read. You claim to be informing people of what the other world religions believe and that you are trying to win those who do not believe in Chirstianity to the cause. Attacking other's beliefs is not going to do that. When you start with the statment or attitude that "I'm right and you're wrong," you are almost garunteeing that those you are trying to reach will never listen to what you have to say. I also notice that you do not accurately quote or present the findings you have made. This is another sure fire way to turn away those you are trying to reach. You need to make sure that you are not doing what you accuse the other groups of doing wrong. There is a difference between presenting information and bashing one's beliefs with your own opinions. And this is what you were doing. You are presenting your opinions. Wich brings me to another point. You DO NOT speak for all Christians so stop acting like you do. By misquoting, insulting, and bashing the other religions you are giving Christians a bad name. A name that I am tired of beling labeled with due to actions like those you are taking. If you wish to make this an informative website fine. Do that. But Don't bash or insult them in the process. And make sure that you are actually truely representing the one that you claim to follow. Christ never insulted or bashed. He approached logically and lovingly which you are failing to do. In fact you are doing more harm to our cause than good.

Concerned Reader.

PS: The Deaf Community does not appreicate being called "Deaf-Mutes." They are not mute. Their voices are capible of use. They choose not to use them for different reasons depending on the person but they are NOT mute. Please correct this misuse of titles.


Hi "Concerned Reader." Thanks for contacting Contender Ministries. I'm sorry you feel the way you do. We never claimed to represent all of Christianity - only that segment which believes the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, and believes in all the teachings of Jesus. Jesus spoke often of the evil and fallen state of men. He challenged. He insulted. And He did it out of love. You've made a common generic accusation, that we have "misquoted, insulted, and bashed" in our presentation of information. We definitely do not want to have anything false or insulting on our website. We've asked others to point us to specific errors on our website so we might correct them, but nobody ever has. As for "insulting", we need to be clear on this. We make no personal attacks, but we do expose false teachings to the light of the gospel. To some, this may seem like bashing, but only because we are exposing something that is very important to them. I'd rather step on some toes and potentially pull someone from a false gospel into the true gospel and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The eternal ramifications take precedence over temporal feelings. Jesus said that the true path to salvation is only through Him (John 14:6). He warned us of false prophets and false apostles. We cannot and will not ignore them, and our calling from Christ, in order to appear more tolerant. Like Christ, we are loving towards all people. Like Christ, we do NOT tolerate false teachings that lure people aware from Him. And while you may not believe this, it is effective. Many people have come to experience Christ's love and salvation through the Holy Spirit and ministries such as this one. That is the goal - not popularity, but to see the redemption of the lost. Do you disagree? The Bible is clear that not all paths lead to God. Salvation is only through faith in Jesus Christ. It is a narrow path. We could ignore that, and "love people" straight to hell, by neglecting to call them to Christ. Is that the method you prefer? If so, then you are standing in the way of the will of God. If you can point out specific areas where we have misquoted or "bashed", please let us know. We would definitely correct any errors, and examine if we've said anything in less than a loving manner.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries

p.s. The article to which you were referring in our "Christianity Under Attack" section refers to a woman who could neither hear nor speak, thus the term "Deaf Mute" We realize the condition is uncommon, but it DOES exist.