Apostolic Messianic Fellowship - 09/19/2004


I have been doing a lot of studying lately of God's Word and have been visiting many websites. I came across one that is called "Apostolic Messianic Fellowship" The website is www.jesus-messiah.com.

Many claim to have the "truth" but I would like to have your input on this matter if you would please. Thank you very much.



Hi Lee. Thanks for writing to Contender Ministries. I've read through the Apostolic Messianic Fellowship website, and have found a number of abherrant beliefs.

First, they adhere to a oneness theology, rejecting the biblical Trinitarian nature of God, which they completely misunderstand. They claim to reject a "trinity of three gods." Of course, the Trinity is not polytheistic. The Trinity is the One God in three persons -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The oneness doctrine states that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are simply three manifestations of God. It gets complicated, but the oneness doctrine raises a lot of questions when reading certain passages of Scripture.

Second, they claim only those who convert to "Messianic Judaism" will be saved. They believe a person must be baptized by water into Messianic Judaism, then baptized in the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in tongues in order to be saved. In spite of their view on water baptism, they still maintain that salvation is by faith, and the work of water baptism and conversion to Messianic Judaism are expressions of faith. They hold to certain passages in Acts, but apparently neglect the passages where new believers are baptized in the Holy Spirit before ever being baptized in water. They also neglect that Paul fought against the actions of those who tried to tell gentiles they had to convert to Messianic Judaism. Paul held that gentiles must accept Christ as savior, but could remain gentiles.

Finally, they have an unfounded view of end-times prophecy. They reject belief in a rapture, holding that all will go through the entire Tribulation and await the return of Jesus to establish His millenial kingdom. They interpret verses that support a pre-tribulation rapture as meaning that the Jewish Remnant (Messianic Jews) and gentile converts to Messianic Judaism will be supernaturally protected throughout the tribulation. This is a baseless view that ignores a great deal of biblical prophecy.

Their unfounded views on end-times prophecy are not as important to me as their abherrant beliefs regarding salvation. They ignore many plain and precious truths and have developed an unbiblical gospel of their own. One final thing that bothers me is not in regards to their incorrect beliefs. On their website, they offer an opportunity to purchase a doctoral degree based on your life experience through their own unaccredited institution. Such a program strikes me as dishonest, cheesy, and placing more value on selling a piece of paper than in teaching the most important credentials that can't be hung on a wall. I hope this helps. God bless

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries