Falsehoods about Mormonism - 09/05/2003

My friend, I am saddened to learn that you have distorted the truth in so many ways. You have lied about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.

To insinuate that the "Christian" world must somehow defend itself against the LDS faith is laughable. God told Joseph that the denominations were corrupt, that is true, but God has that right, and the deeds of the "Christians" of that day only demonstrate that He was correct. Since that day, "Christianity" has maimed, destroyed, killed and murdered, stolen and plundered against the LDS members. They were repeatedly attacked and killed, and finally had to relocate in the Western US, in an attempt to escape the hatred and bitter persecution from "Christian" ministries. Now, over 150 years later, the attacks from "Christianity" still continue. Our lives are not in danger as before, but the verbal abuse and attacks continue. Your guise of defense is laughable. There is no attack coming to you from the church.

You obviously do not understand the DNA issue at all. MtDNA does not "prove" anything. A minority group is nearly certain to lose the MtDNA identity by the fifth or sixth generation. In fact, the very DNA evidence that you trump, creates serious difficulties for the fundamentalist Christian. They have traced it back far beyond the timeline that most of them accept as a historical one. Selective reasoning does not provide a basis for truth.

You claim to believe in the Bible, yet you discount most of it. You consider the cannon to be closed, yet you have no authority at all to do so. The very Bible you claim to adhere to is silent on the issue. The closed cannon was an invention of Constantinian Christianity. It was not accepted before that time by the primitive church.

Matthew 5-7 contains the Sermon on the Mount. The entire Sermon by the one that you claim as Lord discusses those things that we must do to enter the kingdom of heaven. Little wonder that so many will fall into the sad category of "do(ing) not" as the Lord says...little wonder that He will say to these that He does not know them. Yes we are saved by grace, but only after meeting all of His requirements. See the Bible for more on this.

Does an omnipotent God create beings solely for the purpose of their eternal damnation? Your God does, and the agency thing just doesn't explain it. Your God is then responsible for the actions and misery of those that He created, with full knowledge of their eternal damnation. Such a God cannot be just.

Do you really believe that a man, striving to live a wholesome and good life in Africa, who never hearing the name of Jesus, will be damned for all eternity, while a BAC will be saved, even if he murders, commits adultery most of his life, lies and cheats and steals, yet will be saved because he proclaims on his death bed that he believes? Even the devils believe.

You make ignorant claims against the Book of Mormon. Do you even realize that some of the issues that you use as arguments have now been disproven? Do you realize, or is it that you simply don't care? Do you love a lie for a profit, or is it because of your pride?

The Spirit of God witnesses to our Spirits that the Book of Mormon is true, and that Joseph was a true prophet of God. Therefore, it cannot be false. I invite you to look into your lives and honestly evaluate what it is that you are doing. Listen to the voice that leads you to do good. Be humble. Consider if your website is really doing the will of God.

Finally, I forgive you for the misdeeds that I have seen here. May you come to Christ, that He too will forgive your attacks on His Church and Kingdom.




Hi Don. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Your email, while passionate and sincere, is found lacking in facts and a clear understanding of history. For instance, you said that we “lied about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.” Yet you provide no specific examples. You said we made “ignorant claims against the Book of Mormon,” and say that some of the issues we raise have been disproved. Once again, you fail to cite specific examples. You said we “discount most of the Bible,” but you don’t tell us what parts. We do not lie, and endeavor to present accurate information on our website. However, if an inaccuracy has slipped through our editing, you do a disservice to all those who would come to our website by not giving us the specific examples, and providing some sort of evidence that our information is erroneous.

It is a historical fact that early Mormon settlers were driven out of their various settlements in Missouri and Illinois. Many of the non-Mormon settlers in those areas feared Smith and his followers – not for their religious beliefs so much as because of the massive amounts of land they were buying up. I do not condone any of the violence to which the Mormons fell victim. It must be pointed out however, that it is equally factual that the Mormons were not without fault. The “Danites” and Smith’s army (The Nauvoo Legion) also led raids of attack and intimidation against the “gentiles” and LDS dissenters. Smith didn’t help cool matters any with his 1838 Fourth of July Oration in which he called for a “war of extermination” against the people of Missouri. When he sent his Nauvoo Legion to close down the Nauvoo Expositor and destroy its offices, simply because that newspaper was critical of the Mormons, that was the action of a little tyrant, not a prophet of God. The point is, both sides launched attacks and committed violence against the other. That is historical fact, and is deplorable regardless of who was the aggressor in each case. However, I do not persecute you or any other Latter Day Saint. Your founding “prophet” based your religion on the premise that our Christian beliefs are “an abomination.” We simply follow the instructions of Jesus, Paul, and Jude when we expose Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, etc. as false prophets, and the Book of Mormon as a false gospel. While you may take it personally, the problem is not with Mormons, it is with Mormonism.

You said “we are saved by grace, but only after meeting all of His requirements.” That was a nice rewording of the LDS 3rd Article of Faith, “We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel.” The problem is, this article of faith does not accurately reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ, and diminishes His atoning sacrifice. This LDS doctrine places the proverbial cart before the horse. The Bible is clear that we are saved by grace through our faith in Jesus Christ (John 3:14-18, Romans 3:21-28, Ephesians 2:8-9). These passages clearly demonstrate that we are saved by grace through faith, and our works do nothing to save us. Does that mean good works and obedience are irrelevant? Of course not! Romans 6 makes it clear that we are not to keep sinning after being saved by grace. James 2:14-17 tells us that faith without works is dead. That does not mean we are saved by works. Rather, it means that true faith will produce good works. In Matthew 7:15-23, Jesus told us that a good tree bears good fruit. The “fruit” of a disciple of Christ is good works! LDS doctrine would have us believe that good works are the root system of the tree. That is a dangerous doctrine. The root of the tree is the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The tree is our life of faith based on that sacrifice. The fruit we bear are our works. The gospels are full of instances of Jesus telling someone their sins were forgiven based solely on their faith! The thief on the cross did no good works. He simply expressed his faith in Jesus, and Jesus promised him salvation based on that pronouncement of faith. As the Scriptures say, there is no boasting for salvation. Human pride is at the heart of the LDS doctrine of salvation though.

God did not create us for damnation. He did not wish for us to sin against Him. However, He also did not want humans to have no choice but to love Him. Without a choice, such automatic love would be meaningless. That’s why He created us with a free will. God IS just, and as a just God, He instituted a system of reward and punishment to provide consequences for the choices we make. In our exercise of free will, mankind has destined itself for damnation. God is also loving though, and offered us an atoning sacrifice to save us. It is our choice to accept that gift or not. The Apostle Paul teaches us that all will have a chance to hear the gospel. All people will have to make their choice to accept God’s grace, or reject it.

I encourage you (if you’re brave enough), to read the following articles. If you do read them, you’ll see that there’s no way that Joseph Smith could have been a true prophet of God.

-Joseph Smith’s False War Prophecy

-The Revocation of Polygamy – Does God Change His Mind?

I am not an expert in DNA analysis. I don’t have a graduate degree in biology or anthropology. That is true. However, there are several studies written by people that DO have graduate degrees in these fields. They present what the legal system might call “expert testimony.” Many of them are members of the LDS Church. They shouldn’t be quickly dismissed.

Have you read Hebrews chapter 4-7? You should. You’ll find no other conclusion from this text than that the LDS Melchizedek and Aaron Priesthoods are not valid, and usurp a position that now belongs to Jesus Christ alone. I would also encourage you to read Galatians 1:6-10. You may find that the LDS Church has abandoned the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and has fallen for a false gospel introduced by Joseph Smith.

Thank you for your offer of forgiveness, but this ministry was founded on the calling of the Holy Spirit. This ministry was built on a mission of love for those who have been mislead by false prophets and false gospels. The LDS Church is not His Church. We pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to you and show you that what we say is true. Your eternal destiny depends on it.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries