NIV Not God's Word - 07/18/2008

In your quotations you are not using God's preserved words. Get a King James Bible authorized in 1611. It would give validity to your articles. Our Lord Jesus Christ does not speak with forked tongue. Anything written by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman or Professor Gail Riplinger should clear up any doubts what bible contains God's words.

Thank you,

Robert R.


Mr. R, I'm afraid you've been deceived by the likes of Ruckman and Riplinger.  These are two of the most hateful excuses for Christians I've ever known, and their works are deceitful and lack scholarship.  The KJV was authorized - not by God - but by King James in 1611.  God's Word was originally inspired and preserved in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek.  Anything else is a translation.  The KJV is a nice sounding translation, but it has ADDED words to the Bible.  The earliest and most reliable manuscripts are most closely translated in the NIV and NASB.  These manuscripts weren't available in 1611.  As a result, the KJV translators relied heavily on the Catholic Vulgate, and added words found only in the Vulgate, which were added over Jerome's dead body and are found in none of the reliable manuscripts.  And if you insist on using the KJV authorized by King James in 1611, then I assume your Bible contains the Apocryphal books found in the Catholic Bible, as those were included in the 1611 edition.  If not, then is your KJV "authorized?  For more information, read the following articles on our website:
You should also go to our Mailbag, select "Christian Apologetics" from the topics list, and read through the KJV/KJO related emails we've received and responded to.  If you want to set your mind free from the deception sewn by those motivated by hate and idolatry of a particular translation, and focus instead on a relationship with Christ aided by God's Word (preserved in the NIV, NASB, as well as the KJV), I suggest you read the articles above.

In Christ,

Ben Rast
Contender Ministries