Real Christians wouldn't prance around - 07/02/2004

Hello my name is Felicia
Personally I don't think this site is a real Christian site at all, real pure Christians wouldn't prance around saying what are cults, what religion is a "false" religion, or telling people how to live their life. We as human beings don't know the "true, pure" religion, none of us are better than others because of our religion, and non of us are better people. By making a site like this is just like putting people into groups, as the "holy bible" says were not supposed to do! And Wicca isn't bad, neither are a lot of the other religions you have listed as "cults", most people are the religion they are because of how they were raised, and obviously you were raised into a very judgmental, stuck up brainwashing family. i am sorry you have deformed un proper brain waves Ill pray to my higher power what ever that may be, Lord, Goddess of the Sun whatever, Ill pray you get those fixed ASAP and stop saying what's the RIGHT religion and what not, get a dam life, and clue while your at it!!!!!! I could write a dam 5 page e-mail but I wont waste any more of my time!


Hi Felicia.  I'm sorry you found our site upsetting, yet you totally missed some key points we make abundantly clear on our website.  First of all, when you said, "none of us are better than others because of our religion, and none of us are better people," you echo a point that we make on our website.  In essence, you simply restated Romans 3:23, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."  We make no pretense that we are better people than anyone else, simply because we are Christian.  The only thing that separates us from non-Christians is that we have accepted salvation through Jesus Christ and had our sins forgiven.  This isn't something we earned, so it doesn't make us better than you.  An old bumper sticker comes to mind: "Christians aren't perfect -- just forgiven."  You see, Felicia, our website isn't about condemning people.  It's about sharing the truth of the gospel, and highlighting religious beliefs that go against that gospel.  While you may not believe in absolute truth, your disbelief does not change that.  Just as there are natural laws, so there are spiritual laws.  For example, the human body needs to breath air containing between 19.5% and 21.5% oxygen to live and thrive.  Choosing not to believe that does nothing to change that fact.  Likewise, as a spiritual law, the human soul needs forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  Being "good" just doesn't do it. 
Now, you have a right to call us "brainwashed" and "stuck up."  You have the right to take a hateful tone with us and use misspelled profanity.  However, it does tell me something regarding the state of your soul.  I pray that the Holy Spirit would open your eyes to the truth before it's too late. 
In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries