Justified under the Old Covenant - Part 2 - 07/02/2004

Sure does thank you. However another question arrises, how do we know that Jesus was the promised Messiah, sent to the Jewish people, who denied him then and still do.How are we sure?



First, let me state that not all Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah, and not all Jews do today.  Keep in mind that Jesus' original disciples were Jews.  Jesus gathered a larged number of followers during His three year ministry, and most of them were Jews.  Within a few years of His resurrection, Jesus had tens of thousands of Jewish followers.  Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Jewish believers in Christ (also known as Messianic Jews) worldwide.  So to simply state that Jews reject Jesus is not accurate. 
So, how do we know that Jesus is the Messiah?  Through prophecy, mostly.  The Old Testament is replete with prophecies regarding the coming Messiah.  Jesus fulfilled all of them.  For a list of Messianic prophecies fulfilled by Jesus, check the following page: http://www.contenderministries.org/prophecy/jesusmessiah2.php.  People have actually done the math on the probability of one person fulfilling these prophecies.  The probability of just eight of the prophecies being fulfilled in one man is one chance in one hundred million billion.  That's many more people than have ever walked the earth!  Mathemetician Peter W. Stoner calculated the odds of one person fulfilling forty-eight of the prophecies as one in a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion!  The odds make it virutally impossible for any one person to fulfill all the Messianic prophecies, but Jesus -- and only Jesus -- did just that.  The reason Jesus faced rejection by many Jews (which is one of the Old Testament Messianic prophecies) is because many Jews misinterpreted some prophecies and expected the Messiah to be a political figure that would crush the Roman oppressors.  Instead, they got a Savior, led like a lamb to the slaughter.  Jesus' appearances after his resurrection convinced many skeptics, including Saul of Tarsus, who previously was a persecuter of Christians.  One Jewish believer noted that he had never really been taught the Messianic prophecies.  When He read the Old Testament himself, he was shocked to realize it was talking about Jesus.  If you want more info on the topic, I encourage you to visit the Jews for Jesus website (www.jewsforjesus.org) and to read the book The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel. 
In Him,
Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries