Pitty for the Brainwashed - 04/21/2004

It is sad that one christian, or any person who believes in any of the worlds religions can claim that the others are "cults" and their's is not. It is becoming more and more apparent to me that brainwashed, ignorant people like yourselves, claim to know what the truith is.

It's people like yourselves who denounce other Religions and beliefs as false that make the world the messed up, bloody place that it is. Tolerance of other beliefs, and true love of the earth and everyhing on it is the only way that the human race will ever be able to co-exist.

I'm am a scientist who was raised as a Christian. I've seen both sides of the coin. Your assertation that evolution is only faith, the same as Christianity, just shows how brainwashed and uneducated you are. First off, Evolution is a Theory, and therefore is open to scientific critisicm and debate. As opossed to Genesis, or any part of the bible, which questioning it would be a "sin". As for paleontology not being able to prove evolution, this is partly true. Paleontology is only this study of fossils and rocks containing fossils. One thing that is clear from paleontology is that there were no fish/vertebretes in the geologic recod more that 500 million years ago, and certainly nothing that came close to humans. The first mammals didn't show up in geologic history until about 200 million years ago. Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 MYA. Nothing even closely resembling humans has ever been found in rocks until about 4 MYA. To make a statement like belief is evolution is purely faith like christianity clearly shows that you have never even begun to give it a chance but have only looked to disprove it.

So on the seventh day God created man. Well where was he for the 4.5 billion years since the seventh day until he showed back up less that 4 MYA. Oh, I guess we never found any of those rocks.

I'm not saying that God hasn't created us and the Universe around us. I'm just saying that you don't have a clue.


Hi Dominic.  Thanks for emailing us, even if you couldn't refrain from petty insults and ad hominem attacks.  For future reference, people will be more willing to engage in a serious discussion with you if you can keep from resorting to childish name-calling.  However, there are some points that I would like to address. 
First, you said, "It's people like yourselves...that make the world the messed up, bloody place that it is."  Can you provide some examples to support that allegation?  Over the past couple of centuries, the world has seen a lot of wars.  Can you tell me which have been caused by Christians contending for their faith?  If you're going to mention the Crusades, bear in mind that we are critical of the Crusades ourselves, and try to think of examples that aren't so old.  When you make vitriolic accusations like that, it's a good idea to have some evidence to back it up. 
You also said, "Your assertation that evolution is only faith, the same as Christianity, just shows how brainwashed and uneducated you are."  Ignoring, for a moment, the insults and bad spelling/grammar, where did we make that assertion?  I have looked all over our section on evolution and can't find anywhere that we have made that claim.  In fact, in our evolution section, we say, "Evolution today is taught in schools as a fact.  Some institutions may refer to it as theory, but not very many.  What is the truth?  The truth is, evolution is only a theory, if you approach it via the scientific method.... The truth is, evolution has not been subject to direct observation, and cannot be supported or reproduced in experiments.  Oh, some will tell you they've observed evolution, but all they've truly observed is small mutations within a species -- quite different from evolution.  For all their grand claims, an HONEST scientist will have to agree that evolution is a theory only, and barely one at that."  So we agree with you that evolution is a theory.  Perhaps you read an email where we quoted scientist L.T. More who said, “The more one studies paleontology, the more certain one becomes that evolution is based on faith alone; exactly the same sort of faith which is necessary to have when one encounters the great mysteries of religion…the only alternative is the doctrine of special creation, which may be true, but is irrational.”  You'll note that this quote comes from an evolutionist.  Did you catch the other quotes in that email?:
Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Robert A. Millikan, in a speech before the American Chemical Society, said, “The pathetic thing about it is that many scientists are trying to prove the doctrine of evolution, which no science can do.”
Dr. David Raup, curator of geology at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago states that the “250,000 species of plants and animals recorded and deposited in museums throughout the world did not support the gradual unfolding hoped for by Darwin.”
Klaus Dose, a prominent evolutionist said, “More than 30 years of experimentation on the origin of life in the fields of chemical and molecular evolution have led to a better perception of the immensity of the problem of the origin of life on Earth rather than to its solution.”
Are all these scientists brainwashed as well?  Even the evolutionists?  You seem to think our views on the origins of life exist outside the realm of rational thought -- that we have a contentious attitude toward science.  You couldn't be further from the truth!  However, you and I both know that evolution is taught in schools as a fact, not a theory.  And if you truly are a scientist, as you claim to be, you'll know what a fallacious position that is, as evolution is not subject to the scientific method.  The truth is, no animal has ever been observed changing into any fundamentally different kind of animal, no one has ever observed life spontaneously arising from nonliving matter, and matter cannot make itself out of nothing.  The theory of evolution relies on some fairly ridiculous assumptions.  That's where faith comes in on your part.  Even your presentation of the age of the earth presumes that the earth is billions of years old.  Yet science has proven no such thing, and there is quite a bit of scientific evidence to the contrary!  Why don't people know about this scientific evidence?  Because the religious doctrine called the theory of evolution is taught to the exclusion of creationism in schools.  ACLU attorney Clarence Darrow, fighting a law that prohibited the teaching of evolution in schools, said, "It is the height of bigotry to teach only one view of origins."  Where is the ACLU now?  Why aren't people like you, who cherish honest scientific criticism and debate, bringing a scientific discussion of creationism into the classroom? 
If you feel strongly about evolution, and feel we are just brainwashed, I encourage you to click here, and see how well you answer the questions presented on this page.  If those questions have whetted your appetite for more scientific evidence supporting creation, I also encourage you to visit the websites listed below:
I strongly encourage you to read through those sites, and see if you don't find a lot of scientific support for creationism.  See if you feel we are being "brainwashed."  I think you'll find, if you are intellectually honest, that the only logical explanation for the origin of the world and the origin of life is something that defies the laws of nature as we know them.  Such a supernatural occurance is not supported by Darwin's doctrine, but it is found in the Genesis account of creation. 
Finally, you call us intolerant for proclaiming how certain religious beliefs are false when compared with biblical truth.  In doing so, we are careful to be critical of beliefs, rather than of adherants of those beliefs.  Yet because we don't agree with Darwinian evolution, which you believe to be true, you call us "ignorant", "uneducated", and clueless.  You engaged in personal insults because we don't believe as you do.  Perhaps you should take another look at your email, and ask yourself who is being intolerant. 
In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries
p.s.  Before you write to someone and call them "ignorant" and "uneducated", I urge you to consider the following about the email you sent us. 
1. "Pity" only has one 't'.
2. "Truth" is not known to contain the letter 'i'.
3. There is no such word as "assertation".
4. "Theory" should only be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.
5. "Opposed" contains two 'p's and one 's', not the other way around.
6. "Criticism" is not usually spelled "critisicm".
7. "Vertebrates" does contain an 'a'.
8. "Record" has more than one 'r'.
9.  I won't even begin to list the myriad grammatical and punctuation errors.
You'll have more credibility if you remember those points, and won't sound like a college freshman as opposed to a "scientist."