KJO And Our Newsletter - 04/13/2004

I recently read your latest newsletter and at the end of one of you questionaires about the KJV issue you reference for further reading the book "The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust the Modern Translations?"; James R. White.

I was deeply grieved to see this as this book has been repeatedly been shown to be a viscious book designed to malign the character of many who have studied the issue of translations. I have read bits of it and found it utterly prejudiced and down right sickening that a christian could write the way this man does about other christians. He deliberately draws lines of association for all KJ "onlyists" as followers of a man named Ruckman or Gail Riplinger which many studying this controversy have nothing nor would ever have anything to do with either of these two as they are a bit to the left on the issue. At www.wayoflife.org Brother David Cloud gives an extensive review and rebuttal to this book that is well worth the read and it's available free online.He also has many other articles and links about the issue. If you are going to direct your readers to investigate the issue I think you should send them to other fellow christians who are equally qualified to help with the issue. Many who only trust in the AV, do allow that it is only a translation but feel that in order to be safe, it is better to read the one that came to us by blood and not for a profit.

By the way, you can unsubscibe me from your letter as I feel that in order to be a contender you need to stand for something and for the most part, even your ministry is just too ecumenical for me. Sorry, if this is an offense to you but your answer to a former pentacostal woman was wrong in my opinion. I don't believe you should send someone off to churches that stray from strict literal teaches from the word....and the Chapels do just that. I hope this doesn't sound angry or anything as I am not. I just believe you are in error and I should seperate myself from that so that it will not influence me away from the convictions I have from the Lord. His name be blessed.


Hi Scott. Thanks for sending your comments. As per your request, our webmaster is removing you from the subscription list.

I am quite surprised at your reaction to James White's book. I felt he took great care to not denigrate anyone. He certainly challenged the poor scholarship of certain KJO advocates, but he didn't launch ad hominem attacks that Ruckman and Riplinger are known for. Perhaps I missed the section that has upset you so. Could you tell me what page or quote from that book you found objectionable? And since you alluded to copyright issues, it's only fair to point out that for the first one hundred years of its existance, the KJV could only be printed by the Royal Printer. The British Crown still has technical copyright. Unfortunately, the NIV and NASB were not backed by Royal financiers, but that does not diminish the high scholarship used in their translations. If you prefer the KJV, then by all means use it. It simply has a poorer textual history than the NIV or NASB.

Two other questions, if you don't mind. You say we are far too ecumenical for you. In what regards? We're used to being called "divisive" or "intolerant." Being called "ecumenical" is a first for us. Also, in what way does Calvary Chapel stray from "strict literal teachings from the word"? I don't attend a Calvary Chapel, but I used to, and I don't remember unbiblical teachings there. You see Scott, I'm not trying to pick on you, but I feel if you're going to make accusations, you should simply back them up. I never take a position on an item of faith that I cannot back up scripturally and factually. If you don't respond to this though, and don't feel like answering my questions, I won't be surprised. I hope God blesses you.

In Christ,
Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries