KJO Misled by Gail Riplinger - 03/09/2009

just writing to tell you i am a kjo person because i have read other bibles and some things are left out or incorrect. Act 8:37 is left out on these new editions. In Isaiah 14:12 the name lucifer is not mentioned in the new versions, only refering him as the morning star and we know who the morning star is-Jesus Christ. You should read the book called New Age Bible Versions by G. A. Riplinger. New versions use the Spirit rather than the holy ghost, Jesus is referred to as him or instead of Lord, etc. Check out this book. thanks, brenda


Hi Brenda.  Thanks for writing.  I’m afraid you’ve been quite misled by Ms. Riplinger.  Her scholarship in writing New Age Bible Versions was incredibly poor, and she was deceitful in misquoting people – so deceitful that she should be thankful she wasn’t sued for libel!

When you say that things are “left out” or “incorrect” in new translations, that assumes that the KJV is the standard by which other translations must be judged.  The fact is that the differences between the KJV and modern translations are normally the result of mistakes within the KJV – either through errors in translation or through relying on inferior manuscript evidence.  For example, you mentioned that Acts 8:37 is not found in the new translations.  There is good reason for that.  While many KJOs take a “majority rules” position on manuscript evidence, they break this position when it comes to verses Acts 8:37, which is found in a small minority of Greek manuscripts (none from before the sixth century).  The vast majority of the manuscript evidence reveals it to be a later addition.  Erasmus only included it in the Textus Receptus due to its presence in the Latin Vulgate of the Roman Catholic Church and in the margin of one Greek manuscript he had.  The fact is, no matter how good and orthodox-sounding Acts 8:37 is, it was clearly not part of the original inspired Scripture as written by the author of Acts.   

As for Isaiah 14:12, the term “Lucifer” didn’t enter Scripture until Jerome’s Latin Vulgate, which translated the Hebrew words for morning star into the Latin as Lucifer.  While Jesus IS the morning star mentioned in Revelation 22:16, the contexts are quite different.  In Isaiah, the person mentioned is clearly the object of sarcasm and is under God’s judgment.  This person was prideful and boastful as is apparent in earlier verses, so the term “morning star” was sarcastically applied to him.  But no thinking person would believe that Isaiah is referring to Jesus in this passage.  Just because the same title was given in this passage that Jesus used for himself later on does not mean that Jesus is the person referred to in Isaiah 14:12. 

I would exercise great caution in believing Gail Riplinger.  Her degree in Home Economics obviously did not prepare her for this subject matter, because she handled it with what can only be described as dishonesty and scholarly malpractice.  Let me give one example of her dishonesty here.  On page 546 of New Age Bible Versions (NABV), Riplinger writes: 

Westcott and Hort’s Introduction to the New Testament in the Original Greek affirms:

 [R]eadings of Aleph & B should be accepted as the true readings…[They] stand far above all documents…[are] very pure…excellent…and immune from corruption.

 All the […] should make one nervous that this quote Riplinger gives isn’t all she cracks it up to be.  Her footnote for this should confirm this concern:

B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort, Introduction to the New Testament in the Original Greek (Peabody, Mass: Hendrickson Publishers, Orig.1882), pp. xxii, 225, 212, 220, 239, 210.   

Okay, it appears that the one sentence quote that Riplinger provides was lifted from six different pages, and out of order!  Does this sound like an accurate way to represent what someone says?  In The King James Only Controversy by Dr. James White, he needs three pages (pp 100-102) to show what Westcott and Hort really said that Riplinger dot-dot-dotted together.  While it’s too long to reproduce here, suffice it to say that what they really said was far, FAR different from what Riplinger represented.  And this is how she continued to misrepresent people through NABV.  White wrote a booklet refuting NABV.  It’s available online here, and I can’t urge you strongly enough to read it.  Riplinger is the wrong person to believe on this issue.  She has deceived you.  In addition to checking out Dr. White’s book above, I encourage you to actually read the following articles on our website, because it doesn’t sound like you have:

Again, I urge you to study this issue, and then take a position based on facts.  Don’t be duped by the likes of Ms. Riplinger.  If you still prefer to use the KJV after doing so, that’s fine, but don’t believe that the NIV and NASB are less accurate than the KJV, as that’s simply not true.  I wish you God’s blessing and wisdom as you study. 

In Christ, 

Ben Rast
Contender Ministries