Walter the KJO Advocate, Part 3 - 02/23/2004

Ben, let's start with my quoting of Mat 24:4; i chose that particular verse for a reason, i never meant that you are in any way those "christs", but only that you did your part in the deception, for no "christs" would be able to come, if everybody held fast to the true scripture, therefore i find it very suspitious (and now that you "forced" me to do some homework i can tell you that they are not baseless) that the modern versions eg. NIV, lack, or twist the most "strategic" areas. The context of the whole Mat24 is directed mainly at the last of the last days, which i belive is our generation, and that is where the deception rules supreme, and in fact is gaining momentum, the main thing the modern bibles have in common is to contradict KJV which is not flawless as a translation, but the Textus Receptus (from what i've gathered) beats the "minority texts" hands down.let me quote:The "Textus Receptus is based on the vast majority 90% of the 5000+ Greek manuscripts in existance, it is not mutilated with deletions, additions and amendments as are the "minority texts", agrees with the oldest bibles the Peshitta(AD150) Old Latin Vulgate(AD157) the Italic bible(AD157) etc. This bibles were produced some 200 years before minority Egyptian codices favored by the Roman Catholic Church, agrees with the vast majority of the 86000+ citations from scripture by the early church fathers, is untainted with Egyptian philosophy and unbeilef, strongly upholds the fundamental doctrines of christian faith:the creation account in Genesis, the divinity of Jesus Christ, the virgin birth, the Saviour's miracles, His bodily resurection, His literal return and the cleansing power of His Blood, was and still is the enemy of the Roman "Church" (claws added by me)Now let's consider the "minority texts" and i quote:"Minority texts: were the work of unbelieving Egyptian scribes who did not accept the bible as a Word of God or JESUS AS THE SON OF GOD, abound with alterations, often a single manuscript being amended by several different scribes over a period of many years; something the Aaronic priests and masorites would never have tolerated when making copies of the scripture, omit approximately 200 verses from the scriptures, the minority texts contradict themselves in hundreds of places, are doctrinaly weak and dangerously incorrect" Codex Sinaiticus(aleph)"(minority text)...was found in 1844 in a trash pile in st. Catherine monastery" HELLO!!!! Codex Vaticanus:"(minority text)...produced in the 4th century it was found 1000 years later in 1481 in Vatican library in Rome..." PLEASE!..."This codex omits many portions of Scripture...Gen1:1through46:28, Psalms 106-138 Mat 16:2,3; Rom 16:24; everything in Hebrews after 9:14..." the TR was the texts that inspired the reformation! Truly Ben, do you think Our Lord played a joke on us all? and allowed milions of martyrs, to be tortured and die, holding to corrupt and obscured doctrine? I do not claim that the printers and "producers" of the KJV nor the scribes who copied the TR texts were supernaturally inspired like the apostles or OT prophets, but i do believe that Our Lord did preserve His Word in as good a form as to draw His sheep closer, and the goats away. It's interesting to see, how some people when, mocking the KJV refer to the amount of criticism it recieved when first published, wonder not! Those masters of intrigue The Rome was buzzing like a viper' nest, it's venom has left some stains, but proved ineffective....King James himself was also responsible for some compromises (apocrypha etc.) which can not be denied, but then, why does the KJV works so well against the Roman "church"? why did they try so hard to suppress it, and now to superceede it? what i've got together here does not even scratch the surface, but most of all let us not forget that Our Lord allowed all that to hapen, His Church is founded on a Rock and will leave this world UNDEFEATED! and i believe that the KJV is our best and most effective weapon & shield available.
Safe in Christ forever,


Walter, this is going nowhere. First, you quote text from an unnamed source. If you're going to include quotations, at least cite the source. Considering the staggering number of factual and historical errors in your quotes, I'm guessing they came from Riplinger's New Age Bible Versions. I say this because the majority of evangelical scholars have criticized that work as being extremely erroneous and full of holes. Riplinger's book is a specimen of unscholarly balderdash, and she could easily qualify as one of the deceivers you spoke of from Matthew 24:4 (especially since Riplinger claimed her faulty book was written by God Himself). Even David Cloud, a staunch defender of the KJV, said of Riplinger's book, "It is the frequent error in documentation, in logic, and in statement of fact that gives cause for alarm...There are many good points made in the book, but it is so marred by error, carelessness, and faulty logic that it cannot be used as a dependable source." (From "The Problem with New Age Bible Versions").

Walter, you STILL have not told me what key doctrines are missing from the NIV and NASB. Therefore, I must conclude that you know of none, and the only reason you call them "perversions" is because someone else told you that's what they were. Unless and until you can tell me what Biblical doctrines are missing from or perverted in the NIV and NASB, then we have nothing to talk about. I will not entertain your incessant accusations unless you're willing to back them up and discuss them intelligently. Until then, you are simply causing the needless strife that the Bible instructs us to avoid. Remember, we will ALL stand before the throne of Christ, and while our salvation is assured if we have accepted the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we will still have to answer to Him for what we have done with that second chance. I would hate to have to answer for causing needless strife and failing to show the love of Christ in my daily living. While I hope you will tell me what doctrines you feel are missing or perverted by NIV or NASB, I won't hold my breath. May God be with you.

In Him,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries