Silly Mistake on Contradictions - 02/20/2009

In your section for Islam labeled "Qur'an Contradictions" you compared the Qur'an to the Hadith. The Hadith, Bukhari being one, is not the Qur'an. These two texts are completely separate. That is like someone quoting a Creed and comparing it to the Bible, in some sense. But regardless this section is about Qur'an contradictions, not Qur'an/Hadith contradictions.

"The angel Gabriel had 600 wings. (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 455)"

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Hi, and thanks for writing.  There is no mistake, silly or otherwise.  The Quran contradicts other Islamic teachings, which means this qualifies as a contradiction in the Quran.  It contradicts the Hadith, which are the written teachings of Islam's prophet, Muhammed.  When the Quran contradicts the very words of the "prophet" who wrote the Quran, it's not only evidence that the Quran contains contradictions with Muhammed's own teachings, it's evidence that he is a false prophet. We didn't specifically state that the contradictions were limited to contradictions within the book itself.  It even contradicts the later teachings of Islams founder.  It's not necessary to make two separate lists, as they all fall under the classification of contradictions. 

Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries