On UU's and Gog & Magog (Part I) - 01/26/2009

oh, no problem telling you what i thought. i am acualy impressed that you (yall at the site) would take the time to reply to messages! that is an almost never. how can you have some form of belife, period and not have it based on anything? it wouldn't make sense. it's like trying to live in a house with 7 people and the parents dont care what the kids do and let them make their own choice and do drugs and whatnot. it's basicly nothing other than just a title which is beyond shallow. i am sorry for making this so short and to the point but it is 10pm and i need to get rest for school.
hey on another note, i dont understand the war of gog and magog, i have been trying to figure it out and the site doesn't go to in depth (sorry, no i am not critisyzing, just i need deeper and if yall go too deep most would drown, especialy new christians) and i need a way to. because i have an eerie feeling that that war with isrieal will somehow lead to something that could lead to gog and magog. even though there is a good chance it wont but i need to find more about everything.... (i have to go... sorry for cutting this off half way but i realy need to go.)


Hi Allan.  You are wise to believe the war in Israel will lead to the war of gog and magog.  I can recommend and excellent book that explains this war and all the players that are now setting the stage for its beginning.  You should get "It Could Happen Tomorrow - Future Events that will Shake the World" by Dr. Gary Frazier.  It's only $10.00 and it basically walks you through step by step what we can expect to happen as we near the rapture and the beginning of the Tribulation.  It also explains in easy to understand detail the Tribulation itself and the return of Christ.  I also recommend it because it isn't overwhelming in length (about 180 pages) and it isn't dry reading.  The chapter on Iran and the Islamic invasion of Israel (the war of gog and magog) was very thorough and probably just what you're looking for.  I'll provide a link to where you can purchase it below. 

Regarding the UU's, their belief system is based on inclusion, tolerance, and experiencing spirituality, not on a set of beliefs.  It doesn't make any sense to me either, and I've spoken with many people who've left that church for exactly that reason.  They've actually expressed displeasure with the very thing you mention in your response....it's nothing but a title and a place to go on Sunday.  That's exactly what UU's are looking for.  They don't want to commit to any standards of behavior or face any judgment or rules of any kind, but they want to have some kind of spiritual side of life.  That's the draw of the Unitarian Universalist church.  Unfortunately for our society, some people like living without rules.  :)

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Here's the link to the book I recommended.  Take care and God bless.

It Could Happen Tomorrow - Future Events that will Shake the World