On UU's and Gog & Magog (Part I) - 01/26/2009

Ok, i do trust this site, and that obviously proves that i like it and agree with it. i have not come across one thing yet that i disagree with, but there is something i feel i should share with you. your sarcasm IS obvious to me because i am very very fluent in English, but what if someone is reading this that is NOT that great at reading and doesn't notice sarcasm. on the UU page, and the explanations of what they teach, someone made a comment (sarcasicaly, paraphrasing) [in other words, use pornography, it's great!] now i know you were sarcastic, i have every bit of evidence to believe that. but what if someone who doesn't know our language enough, or just isn't paying attention doesn't recognize it?!?!?!? that can't be good. although it adds humor and more interest and a bit of personality to the articles, it may need to be just a tad bit more obvious to them, maybe. something lke [use pornography, it's great - - sarcasim] or something like that.

just an idea. becasue what if they mean literaly use pornography becasuse they think you approve of it and they dont look at other places that say no it is wrong. but i am sure you get emails like this alot but there is that chance you have not so i'm taking that chance.


Actually, it wasn't sarcasm.  UU's actually do believe that we shouldn't judge people or their habits.  They believe that what's wrong for one person might not be wrong for another person.  In other words, they are moral relativists.  They in fact do believe that pornography is not necessarily bad.  It's in the eye of the beholder, and each person should be allowed to make their own moral choices.  They don't believe in moral absolutes of any kind.  If anything, we should change that so that people don't mistakenly think we're being sarcastic.  A UU might not come right out and admit this belief, if the situation would make them uncomfortable, but if they are true to their beliefs, and honest about what they actually do in practice, they will admit that they would never tell someone they are evil or bad for doing pornography.  They actually criticize Christians for being so intolerant as to push our morals on someone else and ask that everyone consider pornography bad.  I hope that explains our position better.  Thanks for writing and letting us know what you think.  God bless you.

In Him,
Jennifer Rast