Update update update! - 01/26/2009

Update Update Update....
Just found your site - love it, some articles I came across seemed to be last updated in 2004.
Things are happening fast.
To fast.
World Bank, WTO, UN, Barrack (or how ever you spell his name) evil good, good evil. School hiding evidence of human dino relationship to prove creation false ect...
I love prophecy. Since I read the verse in Rev about the mark of the beast being (in the right hand or in the forehead) KJV. Years later, watching 20/20 and the article on the chip for pets. I nearly jumped up and yelled this is it.
Now with many country's asking UN to delvelope one accounting value for money, I am seeing the beginning of the one world money prophecy.
Update update update.
Thank you.


LOL.  You should know that CM is run by two people....really one right now since I'm busy finishing up another book.  Believe me we know what needs updated, and are eager to get to it.  However, we both work full time jobs, and spend our evenings and weekends on CM answering hundreds of e-mails, working on newsletters, and trying to get caught up.  We're sending out a newsletter tonight with some new additions to the site in fact.  We had some down time for a while due to personal reasons, but are back at work now and taking it one step at a time.  Since CM doesn't take donations, and we have no staff, we just get things updated as fast as we can, when we can.  When my book is sent to the publisher, I will be working first on the prophecy section, and then the other sections to add more articles.  It's a lot of work to run a ministry and a website in your spare time, so please be patient with us.  I'm glad you like the site and it's been helpful to you.  Keep checking back and sign up for our newsletter so you can get the updates.  God bless.

Jennifer Rast