Education isn't everything... - 01/26/2009

You have wrote to many people many times about not ever being proved wrong and how wrong everyone is and how right you are and it disgust me. Nobody knows the true way or the truth about how things were made. Science in more true than any book you will ever read about religion.. Now the oldest religion was Neo-Paganism do you agree? It's proven! The devil is a Christian being.. I have no faith of my own but study many and am an Ordained Minister. I am also qualified to use Dr. with my name so may I ask what are your qualifications? What gives you the right to bash everyone else's beliefs when you yourself can only say yours are true because it is what you believe to be true? They believe theirs to be true as well so what makes their religion different? It's not yours that's all. So why not just believe what you will and stop bashing all others. If you want to preach, become a true minister and do it from a pull pit! If that doesn't work then you probably shouldn't be on here spreading what you don't know. People like you are a virus that needs sprayed with a calming potion!


Interesting. Trying to encourage tolerance by displaying gross intolerance (we're a "virus"?). This email is just included for everyone's edification. If anyone knows what a "pull pit" is, and if it's anything like a pulpit, please let us know.