You're Making Fun of Mormons - 01/12/2004

Hey! I am a member of the LDS church and I was looking over the contents of your website and noted that you had coments on every major sect and religion that is recognized worldwide. Oh, before I begin my e-mail, I'd like to say that I am Christian, so you should include Mormons in the Christian link. Okay, what is the purpose of this website? I don't understand. If you want to convince someone that your religion is the correct religion, then why don't you teach them the principles that make your religion right instead of the reasons that make all of the other religions wrong? Some of the things that I consider sacred and very close to my heart have been made fun of in some of your letters. You may say that that's just the way it goes because other people's feelings can be disregarded in the search for the correct religion. That's not very Christ-like. He did not put down others or their beliefs at any time. He loves all of us because He is our brother and wants us to live with Him for eternity. So instead of focusing on what others believe, maybe you should focus on your life and loving others into what you believe rather than insulting them and their beliefs in the hopes that they will 'see the light.' I know that you think that members of my sect are not Christian, but I can promise you without any doubt in my mind that we are. Christ is the very center of our lives, our actions, our thoughts, our beliefs, and why we do anything that we do. I know that He loves us and He was sent to the earth to save us becuase there is no way that we could save ourselves. I love Him so much and know that He loves me and you and everyone else more than we can ever imagine. I have a relationship with him through prayer and I know, again, without any doubt AT ALL in my mind that the LDS religion is the only correct on the face of the earth, that it was restored by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through a man named Joseph Smith, who, bytheway we don't worship or think is a God. Have you ever read the Book of Mormon? Because if you haven't, then there's no way for you to know if it is correct or not. I believe that you would agree with me when I say that it was either written by evil men who worship satan, or written by inspired men guided by the hand of God, there is no gray area. I am 15 years old, and I have almost read it 3 times. I KNOW that there is no way that it was written evil people or anything. Read it, and I swear that you will come to the same conclusion. I know all of the things that I have said are true, and I know that independent of any man. I was not told these things by my parents, leaders or bishop. I discovered for myself that these things are true. So, just thought you might want to hear that. I believe that before you publish your opinions about mormonism, that you must read the Book of Mormon so that you are not completely ignorant to all that we believe. Please reply, I would love to hear what you think and I would like to know how far you are in the BOM(Book of Mormon). So thank you for taking time and reading what I've written.



Hi Danielle. Thanks for writing to Contender Ministries. First of all, while we disagree on the issue of Biblical Christianity, I definitely don't want to "make fun" of anyone's religion. Could you tell me specifically where we did that, so we can reassess the language we used? I'd appreciate that.

You asked what the purpose is of our site. Quite simply, our ministry exists to equip Christians with the knowledge they need to contend for their faith in witnessing to others. Since most people have some religious belief, we profile the beliefs of several religions, and show how they are unbiblical. This is not done out of anger or hate (quite the opposite, actually) and we don't ridicule people who hold those beliefs. Rather, we show how these religions go against biblical truth, so Christians can be equipped to share the gospel with people of those faiths. In the case of the LDS Church, it is vitally important for people like you to realize that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. I don't say that without facts to back me up, either. I encourage you to read the two articles below. They show that Joseph Smith was just plain wrong in several prophecies, and by biblical rules, he is therefore a false prophet. Jesus warned us to steer clear of false prophets. We believe your eternal soul depends on your recognition of the fact that the LDS Church presents a false gospel. It is therefore an act of our love for you and concern for your soul that drives us to continue in this ministry.

You said Jesus did not put down others or their beliefs. I suggest you re-read the gospels. Jesus DOES love all of us -- that is absolutely true!! But he doesn't love wickedness, false prophets/apostles, or the lies of Satan. He spoke quite harshly about false beliefs and sinful people. I know you are quite sincere in your beliefs, and you honestly believe you are worshipping the Jesus of the Bible. John 4:24 says, "God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth." You are worshipping God in spirit, but not in truth. That's not enough. The Bible tells us that even Satan can appear as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). That being so, it's not hard to understand that some can be deceived by his lies. By the way, John 4:24 kind of counters the LDS contention that God has a physical body of flesh and bones, doesn't it?

Yes, I have read the Book of Mormon. I have two copies -- one in relatively new condition, and one that I've marked up with notes. Some parts of it were divinely inspired -- when they were originally written by Isaiah and Moses (Joseph Smith plagiarized quite a bit of the Old Testament). I consider the Book of Mormon to be a mix of plagiarized Old Testament and fiction. Entire books have been written on the problems that plague the Book of Mormon, so I won't address them all here. What I find intriguing though, is that while the Book of Mormon is fiction, it is closer to Biblical truth in many areas than it is to current LDS doctrine. For example, the LDS doctrine of Eternal Progression teaches that God was originally a man like us who progressed to Godhood, yet the Book of Mormon teaches that God does not (nor has ever) changed. LDS doctrine teaches that Elohim, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are three separate Gods, but the Book of Mormon closely describes the trinity in stating that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are ONE GOD. The LDS Church denies the existance of a literal hell, but the Book of Mormon says hell does exist. The Book of Mormon teaches that polygamy is an abomination before God, but then Joseph Smith had his "prophecy" that polygamy was actually a good thing. The Book of Mormon teaches that God the Father is a spirit, yet the LDS Church teaches that He actually has a body of flesh and bones. There is very little actual LDS doctrine within the Book of Mormon, but when your missionaries visit people, they present the Book of Mormon as opposed to LDS doctrine. Don't you think that's deceptive? When someone prays about the Book of Mormon to see if it is true (an unbiblical practice, since it is putting God to the test), they are not learning anything about true Mormon doctrine.

Danielle, these are not little disagreements. As I said earlier, you are worshipping God in spirit, but you are also worshipping Him in error! Your belief in Him has been tainted by a false prophet, and therefore your eternal soul is in danger! Because we love you, we want you to worship God in spirit AND in truth!! We want you to share in Heaven with us! We pray that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to the truth of the real gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Him,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries