Jesus is the God-man and Mary is His Mother - 01/12/2004

In your article "Mary is not the Mother of God," you completely overlooked the fact that Jesus is the God-man, not just a man. He is a Divine Person both before and after His human birth from the womb of His mother Mary. Therefore, Mary is the mother of Jesus, a Divine Person with a human nature. The Catholic Church teaches that Mary is the mother of God because she is the mother of a Divine Person. No one is stupid enough to believe she existed before God or is equal to God. Many Christians lie about Catholics and say we believe that Mary existed before God and is equal to God. We believe no such thing. Jesus Himself called her His mother in the scriptures and when He said those who love me and keep my commandments are my mother, father, brother and sister, He was holding up Mary as the most perfect keeper of the commandments and His greatest loving mother. Mary never points to herself. She always points to her Son, Jesus. I hope this helps you understand the fallacy of your logic.

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Thank you for your comments re the article I authored about Mary. As a former Roman Catholic, I am well aware of the RCC teaching with respect to Mary as the mother of God. But you see, a created individual cannot be the mother of a divine person who did not originate in her womb. She certainly is the mother of Jesus who was very God and very man, but only Jesus the man originated in her womb. To be the mother of God it would have been necessary for all three persons of the trinity to originate in her womb. But then they wouldn't have been eternal beings; they would not have been God.

I'm not sure which Bible you read, but in the authorized KJV, Jesus never addressed Mary as His mother. On the two occasions reported, Jesus called her "woman." The Bible calls her the "mother of Jesus," not the mother of God.

It was the fallacy of the various Marian doctrines that led me to begin questioning RCC teachings in all areas. When I read the entire New Testament and never found where Mary's body had been assumed into heaven, a red flag went up in my mind. Then, in a second reading of the N.T. I found the Bible identifying by name four blood brothers of our Lord and "sisters" as well, though unnamed. I noticed that Mary's cousin Elisabeth in her old age miraculously conceived her ONLY child, John the Baptist. The Word of God tells us Elisabeth gave birth "to a son." But it also tells us Mary gave birth to her "firstborn son."From all this I began to suspect that the RCC doctrine of Mary's cradle-to-the-grave virginity was a falsehood.

Then, as I read the Psalms, I found this prophecy: "I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and an alien unto my mother's children. For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me. (Psa 69:8, 9) Since the latter verse is quoted in John 2:17, I knew both verses were prophetic. After that, I found Paul referring in Galations to "James, the Lord's brother," Historian, Eusebius mentioning both James and Jude as brothers of Jesus, and Jewish historian, Josephus, referring to "James, the brother of Jesus who was the Christ."

The RCC can put whatever spin they like on Mary, but biblically, she was neither the mother of God, nor was Jesus her only child.

Upon that realization, I left the RCC and did what the Bible instructs all to do. I repented of my sinful life, asked Jesus to forgive my sins, be my Savior and through His Holy Spirit to come and dwell in my soul. And He did all that and more. He took my sins on him and gave me His righteousness in return. He can and will do the same for you.

In Christian love,
John Schroeder