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"It is the height of bigotry to teach only one view of origins."

-quote from Clarence Darrow, ACLU lawyer, during his defense of John Scopes

Before the 1930's, creation was the accepted explanation of origins and was taught as fact in American public schools. In 1925, a young science teacher named John Scopes wished to teach evolution to his class. He was forbidden to do so by the Dayton, Tennessee school board, so he took his case to court. In July of that year, an event which shook the foundations of our country took place in the Dayton courthouse, the Scopes "Monkey" Trial. This was the great turning point in our country concerning the creation/evolution in education debate. Even though John Scopes lost his case and was forbidden by law to teach anything other than creation in the classroom, by 1933, evolution was taught alongside creation in American science classes. Today, creation is out, and only evolution is allowed to be taught in the classroom.

Evolution today is taught in schools as a fact.  Some institutions may refer to it as theory, but not very many.  What is the truth?  The truth is, evolution is only a theory, if you approach it via the scientific method.  The scientific method allows for the progression of observations into a scientific hypothesis, from there into a theory, and potentially into scientific fact or law.  This method is used throughout the scientific community to prove findings.  Without this method, anyone could propose any silly idea, and call it fact.  For instance, I could observe the fact that slugs here in the Pacific Northwest are larger than slugs in drier climates.  From there, I could claim the reason for this anomaly is due to the slugs drinking great northwest coffee and thriving on it.  Of course it's nonsense, but that's why scientists use this "scientific method" -- to find objective support for their claims.  However, in their rush to embrace evolution - the humanist view on the origins of man, they seem to have bypassed this method.  The truth is, evolution has not been subject to direct observation, and cannot be supported or reproduced in experiments.  Oh, some will tell you they've observed evolution, but all they've truly observed is small mutations within a species -- quite different from evolution.  For all their grand claims, an HONEST scientist will have to agree that evolution is a theory only, and barely one at that.

So why is evolution taught in school as a fact, or at best, a theory?  Because the majority of the scientific community will do anything they can to deny the existence of a benevolent, supernatural Creator.  They want to believe that all power and divinity in the universe can be found within each person, not in a powerful Almighty God.  They wish to deny Him, to deny His power, to deny that we are all subject to someone greater and more powerful than anything we can see, feel, or touch.  They miss the fact that evidence of His existence is all around us.  They miss the fact that to accept evolution as a fact requires a leap of blind faith.  To accept creationism, for which there is an abundance of scientific evidence, requires no blind faith.  In order to maintain their comfort and sense of power over self and nature, they must indoctrinate our children at an early age.  They teach our children in a religious doctrine though - a doctrine of religious humanism.  The first amendment protects us against the government establishment of religion, but religious humanism is taught in our public schools every day, while the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the American Education Association, and humanists everywhere successfully block creationism from being taught.   In other words, your children's first amendment rights are violated every day they attend school, with full knowledge and support of your government.

Does it bother you that your children's constitutional rights are violated by their teachers at schools supported by your tax dollars?  It should.  It doesn't have to be this way.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who should be bothered by this, choose to remain a "silent" majority?  If you ARE bothered, then do SOMETHING about it!  As one person, you may not change the system.  But by adding your voice to millions of others, things CAN change.  Please take the time to write to those who represent you in Washington D.C.  Follow the link below to contact your congressional representatives.  If you wish to email our president directly, please do that as well.  However, don't forget to contact your representatives with the votes to legislate.  We don't expect to expel the teaching of evolution from public schools.  But we must get educators to teach evolution as a hypothesis as opposed to fact, and allow the schools to teach creationism as well.  Get involved now, for the sake of your children! 

E-mail your Senators and Representatives: