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Encountering The Great Chasm - 04/21/2004
A fictional account of two friends who end up separated by a great chasm, and how they ended up that way. Based loosely on the story of the rich man and Lazarus, found in Luke 16.

How Will You Be Found? - 10/26/2003
As Christians, we know that unbelievers should be aware that their time remaining to decide whether to follow Jesus is unpredictably brief.  But as Christians, we should also pause to examine our lives and our churches in this light.

What Can I Do? - 09/14/2003
We all have different strengths and different weaknesses. Jesus wants us to use whatever gifts we have been given to fulfill our mission. Were not all great theologians. Very few of us are educated apologists like Josh McDowell or C.S. Lewis. We arent all great orators with the ability to uplift and inspire with the spoken word. The good news is that we do not have to be any of those things.

Keeping the Faith...From Others (Part II) - 05/31/2003
Some time ago, I wrote an article called Keeping the Faith…From Others. In it, I discussed the propensity of Christians as a whole to stay quiet and keep their faith to themselves, rather than shout it from the mountaintops. I have felt led to write a sequel to that article, but instead of painting a broad stroke of the brush, it’s time to get personal.

Sharing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - 05/07/2003
A few weeks back, I happened across an internet message board for ex-Mormons. I was elated to find this, as its a joyous thing to see so many people who have been rescued from a false religion. As I read the postings though, my spirits sank. With only one or two exeption, most of these ex-Mormons fled the heresy of the LDS Church, only to run to the heresy of atheism, agnosticism, or the New Age.

Be a Fearless Contender - 03/31/2003
We find ourselves living in an increasingly secular society, in which claims to absolute truth in religion are deemed divisive and intolerant. This secular social dynamic has made public expressions of our faith taboo, and many of us are reluctant to proclaim even the name of our savior with confidence. We can no longer afford to let societal pressures make us ashamed of our faith, or afraid to publicly proclaim it!

The Caffeine-Free Diet Church - Part III, Prophecy - 12/18/2002
Some people have told us that prophecy is over-emphasized in the church today. In fact, there is a dearth of instruction on Bible prophecy within churches and seminaries today. If anything, I believe prophecy is under-emphasized.

The Caffeine-Free Diet Church - Part II, Apologetics - 12/18/2002
Many Christians are skittish when it comes to apologetics, especially as it pertains to contrasting false religions with the truth of the gospel. Some feel uncomfortable with “judging” or being “critical” of others. However, these people are neglecting some crucial points.

The Caffeine-Free Diet Church - Part I - 12/18/2002
Churches that expound the fundamentals of the gospel – that adhere strictly to the truths of the Bible – are dwindling away. In their place are arising mega-churches that preach a watered-down, morally flexible doctrine that is meant to make everyone smile, but does not challenge or prepare the saints.

Following The Great Commission in Belize - 12/09/2002
Evangelism can be a delicate act. Many missionaries risk their very lives by evangelizing in countries in which it is a crime to do so. Other Christians face charges of “divisiveness” and “intolerance” for following the orders of our Savior. Many choose not to take the chance, and they ignore the Great Commission in its entirety. I want to share with you how one group of ordinary people has taken this mission seriously, and with wonderful results.

Dealing With A Hardened Heart - 07/28/2002
Sadly, from the time of Pharaoh to present day and beyond, the hearts of many will be hardened against hearing of the love of God, and His free gift of salvation. The reasons are sundry, but the end results are the same – an unwillingness to acknowledge the supreme sovereignty of God, and to recognize our own sinful state.

THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT - The Weapon of a Contender - 07/21/2002
We can do nothing to rescue the souls of the lost without our weapon – the sword of the Spirit, the word of God.

According to a recent poll conducted by Gallup, nine in ten Americans have a Bible in their homes, but nearly half of them rarely or never read the Bible. Of these Americans, I would be surprised if most of them didnt read the newspaper or another form of news every day.

Are You Happy? - 07/07/2002
As Christians, with our salvation bought and paid for by our Lord Jesus Christ, we have every right to be happy. But should we be content?

CHURCH, INC., Do Todays Corporate Churches Miss the Point? - 06/30/2002
Unfortunately, it is far too commonplace today to see Christ’s church sitting back, retreating from the world, and becoming an entity that resembles a corporation more than the bride of Christ.

Keeping The Faith....From Others - 05/12/2002
Contender Ministries regularly profiles stories where Christian values are being endangered in the courts or in our legislature. Yet there is rarely an outcry from Christians. A recent study has shown that Christianity is now the most persecuted religion in the world, yet we shrug our shoulders, grumble about it, and move on. We don’t speak out loudly enough to bring attention to these issues. Why is that?

Counting the Cost of Contending for the Faith - 05/03/2002
In countries around the world, Christians face arrest, torture, imprisonment, and even death. In many Islamic countries, converting from Islam to Christianity is punishable by death! Here in the United States, we’re fairly fortunate. There is no law against being a Christian – yet.

Third Times a Charm for Peter and Me - 04/25/2002
All signs indicate that we may very well see the Lord return in our generation. It may soon be too late for a third or fourth reminder for the unsaved. Don’t let it take three or four taps on your shoulder from God to get you involved. Don’t be content to feel justified because you are a deacon in your church. Take the Word of God and carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to those in your communities that so desperately need to hear it.

What Paul Taught Me About Being A Contender - 04/19/2002
You and I have all been called to be Christs ambassadors on earth. The path to salvation is too important to keep to yourselves. Its too precious to withhold from people you care about. Its too momentous to be kept in the confines of a church service or a Bible study.

Muslim-Christian violence rampant in new Indonesia - 03/19/2002
JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Father Ricardo walked gingerly across the charred remains of a church that recently was torched by a band of Muslim fanatics. In a macabre scene, burned pews, crushed stained glass windows, tattered vestments, a communion chalice and a few torn pages from a hymnal dotted the floor.

The Moral Decline in America, and What We Can Do About It - 03/03/2002
It seems one can hardly watch the television anymore without being bombarded by profanity, sexually explicit content, or barely clothed women prancing around – and that’s just the commercials! When I was growing up, I wouldn’t have imagined the filth that is shown regularly on broadcast television today.

-- Interfaith Chant Bypasses Reason - 02/16/2002
Too often, Christians join in the fray of religious "tolerance" and "diversity" by espousing practices that blur the lines between Biblical Christianity and other religions/cults. For instance, the article below (taken from the Seattle Times) refers to an "interfaith chant". While purporting to join members of various religions in a show of mutual respect, tolerance, and diversity, this event simply discourages the notion that there is a right way and a wrong way.