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A Beginning of Global Governance - #1 in a series
Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times
The Earth Charter's Spiritual Agenda - #2 in a Series
The New Age Influence at the United Nations - #3 in a Series
Jesus is the Messiah Prophesied in the Old Testament
Like a Thief in the Night - The Rapture of the Church
The Coming War of Gog and Magog, an Islamic Invasion?
Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Prophecy Comparison
The Millennial Kingdom
There will be False Christs
Is the E.U. the Revived Roman Empire?
Should We Study End-Time Prophecy?
Apostasy and the Laodicean Dilemma
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Contender Ministries highly recommends Dr. Gary Frazier's new book "It Could Happen Tomorrow - Future Events That will Shake the World".  This is a must read for every Christian, and will be an invaluable guide to the end-times for anyone interested in Bible prophecy.


This book will not only inform you, it will inspire you and challenge you to increased evangelistic consciousness, greater missionary concern, and a desire to live a holy life in an unholy age.
    - Tim Lahaye, co-author of the New York Times Bestselling Series Left Behind




Contender Ministries welcomes your questions and comments.  Due to the large volume of email we get, we aren't able to respond to every one.  Over the years we've received many book-length e-mails, e-mails filled with profanity, and "drive-by" accusations that lack any supporting evidenceWe don't respond to these (and a few other kinds of e-mails), either because we don't have time or we don't feel they warrant a response.  In order to respond more efficiently to those who have honest comments or questions, we've created the following e-mail guidelines.  To increase the chance of your email being read and responded to, please adhere to these guidelines.

Guidelines For Email:

  1. Please limit your email to one or two main points.  Long or angry diatribes will be ignored without being read. 

  2. Please send us your own thoughts or questions.  Pasting an article into your email will likely result in your email being deleted without being read.  Also, please do not send us links to articles and expect us to read them. We don't have the luxury of that kind of time. Feel free to include one or two points from such an article in your email to us.

  3. Before sending a question, please search the mailbag.  You may find your question has already been answered.  When using the search form, include the words "mail bag" (two words) as part of your search words and it will return only results from the mail bag.  You may also search the entire site for answers to your questions. 

  4. If you are sending us an email with the sole purpose of having your email published in the mailbag, please realize that we do not post every email.  We receive far too many e-mails to put all of them in the mailbag.  You always have the option of starting your own website to publish differing views.  Conversely, understand that your email may be published in the mailbag.  If you write to us, we will presume your consent to do so.  

  5. Many people write us to object to the fact that we are critical of unbiblical religious beliefs.  Please read "The Mission of Contender Ministries" and "Has Our Website Made You Angry" before sending us objections that these articles answer.

  6. Many people write to tell us that our website is biased.  Please realize that this is a Christian website.  There are plenty of websites out there that provide alternate points of view.  We are not obligated to publish your religious beliefs simply because you do not like ours.

  7. While we welcome emails from people who disagree with us, please be specific in your objections.  Some people call us liars or accuse us of spreading false information, but are unable to produce specific examples and support their position.  Blanket accusations without specifics will likely be deleted without a response.

  8. If you wish to be critical or raise objections, please be civil in doing so.  Profane language will result in your email being deleted with no response.



NOTE: If you're writing to ask or complain about inappropriate Google Ads on our site, please read on.  Our ads are automatically placed based on the content of the page in which they appear. We do not have the option of choosing which ads appear on the site. This can result in the appearance of ads we do not endorse and with which we seriously disagree. We filter these ads as we find them, but this takes time. In order to block an ad from reappearing on our website, we need to know the exact web address being advertised (i.e.,, etc.).  Please email us the offending web address being advertised so we can filter these out. 


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