Apologizing for the Crusades--Jennifer Rast  June 28, 2004
Most of you have probably heard the media, at one time or another, make the claim that it was during the Crusades that Christians and Muslims met for the first time on the battlefield. You’ve heard it explained that the tragedy of the Crusades waged by Christians on innocent Muslims has resulted in the hatred and wars we see today between Islam and the West. But, did you know that Islam was the victor in those wars? Did you know that the Crusades were a delayed response to Islam’s conquest of nearly two-thirds of the Christian world?

A Review of The Passion Of The Christ--Ben Rast  March 17, 2004
Over the past few weeks, many have emailed me with questions or concerns about Mel Gibsons movie, The Passion Of The Christ. Several have either emailed me or linked me to an article called Five Reasons Not to Go See The Passion of Christ, by Andrew J. Webb. Jennifer and I have seen this movie, and I’m going to provide you with my critique, by answering each of Mr. Webb’s five objections.

The Passion About ‘The Passion’--Ben Rast  February 15, 2004
As I write this, the opening night of Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ, is fast approaching. I don’t remember another movie that has caused so much controversy before it has even opened. Charges of anti-Semitism abound, and many Jewish leaders are ready to protest at theaters around the United States. At Contender Ministries, we’ve received several emails asking about this movie. Some ask if it truly is anti-Semitic. Others ask if they should go see it, as Mel Gibson is a Catholic. Let me try to answer both questions.

The Judicial Crisis - A Judeo-Christian Concern--Ben Rast  May 22, 2003
The judicial nomination crisis in the United States has been the front-runner of political headlines of late. The Bush administration has publicly scolded the senate democrats for using extreme tactics to forestall the confirmation of the president’s various judicial nominees. Democrats and some special interest groups are doing everything possible to prevent the appointment of conservative justices to federal benches. This is an issue that Christians – indeed all who espouse Judeo-Christian values – should care about, and it goes beyond issues of partisanship.

The Evolution of Darrell Lambert--Ben Rast  November 07, 2002
Your tax dollars are funding a system that proselytizes your children into a religion of godlessness! If you’ve ever doubted that; if you’ve ever thought such a statement is a product of a paranoid mind, think again. I offer my initial sentence into evidence, and the testimony affirming it is offered by an Eagle Scout, so I’m sure it’s trustworthy. The public school system is lying to your children in order to indoctrinate them into a religion of humanism, denying the existence of God.

Beating Up The Bully Pulpit--Ben Rast  October 06, 2002
On October 2nd, the U.S. House of Representatives voted down the “Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act” (H.R. 2357). This bill was designed to correct a law passed in 1954 when Senator Lyndon B. Johnson successfully attached a clause to a revenue finance bill that prohibited all tax-exempt groups - including churches - from participating in political activity. The penalty: loss of tax-exempt status. It seems that many in government still fear the voting power of Christians.

Why Christian Persecution is Overlooked--Ben Rast  September 26, 2002
From Pakistan to Libya, from the Philippines to Indonesia, Christians are being imprisoned, executed, raped, and slaughtered for one reason – their faith in Jesus Christ. Where is the outrage? Where is the condemnation of the international “community?” Where are the United Nations resolutions?

Two events have occurred recently that will have a profound impact on evangelical Christianity. The United Religions Initiative (URI) recently wrapped up their 2002 General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the World Summit for Sustainable Development is drawing to a close in Johannesburg, South Africa. Out of these two events, a New World Order is being formed – one in which evangelism could become a crime.

Christians - The New Endangered Species--Ben Rast  August 20, 2002
I’m an endangered species. I’m also in good company. If you want to know what it’s like to be an endangered species, all you have to do is ask any evangelical Christian living in the United States. We are hunted and harassed daily by the cruelest, most despicable poachers around – the politically correct thought police.

Of Franklin Graham, Baseball, and Proclaiming the Gospel--Ben Rast  August 09, 2002
Is Franklin Graham intolerant! No, of course not! Listening to him, it’s quite clear that he has a love and a burden for all people of all races and creeds. But this man of God would not allow the thought police to intimidate him into compromising his beliefs, or denying his God!

The Importance of the "Christian Right"--Ben Rast  July 30, 2002
A story on the Fox News website stated that “Liberal activists and Democratic lawmakers are steamed about what they think is undue influence of conservative Christians on the Bush administration.” It seems the liberal lobby does not feel that conservative Christians and Jews should have a political voice in this country. I say, “phooey!” It’s high time to give this country a good ole’ Christian right hook!

Uncle Sam Meets Big Brother--Ben Rast  July 18, 2002
In George Orwell’s 1984, the Spies and Youth League enlisted young volunteers to turn in friends and family members suspected of committing thought crimes. They were little snitches run amok. In August of 2002, the United States government will kick off a program that is eerily similar to the nightmare vision of Orwell.

ARMED WITH THE NEW YORK TIMES--Jennifer Rast  July 18, 2002
According to a recent poll conducted by Gallup, nine in ten Americans have a Bible in their homes, but nearly half of them rarely or never read the Bible. Of these Americans, I would be surprised if most of them didn't read the newspaper or another form of news every day.

Why I Appreciate the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals--Ben Rast  July 16, 2002
Much has been said lately about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision deeming the Pledge of Allegiance to be unconstitutional because it contains the words, “one nation under God.” I’d actually like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to that esteemed board of judicial nitwits. Their decree, based not on law, but on humanist bias, has done more to galvanize and motivate Christians in this country than anything else in recent years.


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